How to maintain standards in hotel industry

The hotel industry is a global one and it is something that is ever evolving and expanding. You only need to do a cursory search and check on global traveller review sites like TripAdvisor to see that hotels all around the world be they budget or super luxury, in the city or hidden in nature, are all growing in popularity; the good ones anyway. Just as word of mouth had quite a big effect in days of old (it still does!), in today’s tech-dependant world, traveller reviews are king. Maintaining high standards is thus key for the survival of any hotel let alone the industry and here are some things that stakeholders should keep in mind.

Having the right procedures and processes
Having a set of standard procedures is vital for hotels. Most often it’s the little things that make all the difference. These daily processes which need to be carried out pretty much right around the clock (in many cases) need to be accurately put down so there is a daily checklist that can be run through. Preferably, this checklist is ticked off one by one as tasks are completed; this also helps staff to clearly know their duties and what is expected of them.

Having proper supervision
Of course as with any business or organisation, it’s not just enough that procedures are put into place, but they have to be closely monitored too on a daily basis. It can be in a cosmopolitan London property in the UK capital or a Bhutan luxury hotel in the mountains, but procedures are procedures and are vital for the successful running of things. Effective monitoring and supervision means checking up on whether procedures are being followed and any short comings rectified. Managers, assistant managers and supervisors of each department can and should get involved.

Getting staff involved
The maintaining of standards in not only the hotel industry as a whole, but individual hotels as well, has a direct bearing on staff in the hospitably industry. That is why it is important to get them involved in the process. The staff should be made to feel like stakeholders with a vested interest in maintaining high standards that will benefit them. If they see that when high standards are met, that it directly impacts them in a positive manner they may get even more motivated to strive to achieve goals set.

Clearly stating responsibilities
For staff to get involved, the procedures and processes have to be clearly communicated to them. It’s not just communicating these things alone however, because staff need to see how it impacts the hotel and the standards too. It can help make this more of a team effort to maintain standards rather than each person’s individual efforts. Properties like COMO Uma Paro are amongst the hotels around the world where you can see staff helping to ensure a high level of service.

Perform regular quality checks
Once procedures have been put into place and staff involved in the process as well, it is important to regularly perform quality checks. There can be shortcomings or inefficiencies creeping in with time and so regular checking is important so as to know what areas are being done well and what need improvement.

Getting guest and staff feedback
While quality checks can achieve only so much, it is also necessary to get feedback both from guests as well as the staff. Since it is a hospitality industry, it is guests who can give the most vital of feedback to help ensure standards are met or as is equally the case, notice when standards drop or are not up to the expected level. The staff are also points of input that should not be missed. Since they are the ones who are actually involved in the day to day running and operation of the hotel, they provide a much needed perspective from the ground level. In addition to this, they also may have more practical ideas when it comes to improving certain procedures or implementing new ones that upper management might have overlooked or not thought of.