How to Pack for a Trip to Maldives

COMO Cocoa Island experience | Img. Credit: [Cocoa Island by COMO, Maldives]

Maldives, the ideal place for a vacation if you are seeking for pristine sandy beaches, crystal clear water and lots of excitement. It would make the trip smoother and relaxed if you pack the right things before leaving home. This will allow you to save time from going in search of things and even save your money from extra expenses.

Check your luggage allowance
If you are using a sea plane, make sure you check the luggage allowance because it might be lower than the allowance that you get from your main airlines. In case needed keep some extra cash so that you could pay the sea planes for the extra weight that you will be carrying.

Maldives is a very conservative country, so up until you go to the resort its best that you wear a long dress or a skirt and carry a shawl to cover your shoulders. Choose a swim suit that is very comfortable to wear, it is essential especially if you are taking part in the many water sports activities that are there. Different hotels and resorts have different dress codes but the majority go for a luxury laid back dress code for evenings. Guys might have to wear long trousers with collar shirts, and for ladies, most attire types would be accepted. Because of the humid climate, it’s best to avoid makeup or use it in minimal amounts. Make sure you carry a wide brim hat along with some sunglasses for maximum protection from the scorching sun.

Electronic equipment
One of the best investments for your trip to Maldives would be to purchase an underwater camera. The crystal clear water of the ocean surrounding Maldives is home to thousands of varieties of fish and other marine life. Carrying an underwater camera with you would enable you to click a few exotic pictures of these colourful species that would be mesmerizingly beautiful. Sit by your private pool and listen to some of your favourite music using a light weight speaker while sipping a soothing cold drink. Check the voltage of Maldives before you leave home and see if you would need a power adapter for your electronic devices.

Diving equipment
Diving in Maldives is one of the most preferred activities among tourists. Many resorts such as COMO Cocoa Island, The Maldives provide all necessary gear for this purpose. If you are not into that level of excitement at least you should try scuba diving while you are there. To protect your feet from the razor sharp coral beds and even from the fish that come and nibble your feet invest in a pair of aqua shoes. Also, it would be ideal if you carry along a UV protection rash vest so that you could protect your skin while swimming in the salty water. You might be able to purchase these vests for a cheaper amount from your home are rather than from Maldives

Sunscreen is a must to carry along while tripping in the Maldives. Insect repellent is the next most important thing that you should always have with you. Last but not least for your hydration and safety carry some rehydration sachets with you. These sachets will rejuvenate you after a long day under the sun. Take a variety of flavours so that you could choose the best flavour to suit your current mood.

Keep everything dry
Carry one or two dry bags with you to keep your electronic devices and valuables safe from the water during your boat rides or even from rain storms.

Chang some cash and keep some small notes to tip the people who serve you.