How to Plan a 05 Day Trip to Suzhou

Suzhou Lion Grove Garden | Img. By : Jakub Hałun (Own Work) CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Five days in Suzhou means you got to make the most of it; steeped in ancient culture and traditionalism this place needs to be enjoyed as much as possible. In order to cover the city in its entirety you need a plan. Read on and check out the simple itinerary that helps you enjoy Suzhou’s best.

1. Visit The Garden of the Master of the Nets
Suzhou is famous for its collection of picturesque gardens; the smallest and most impressive of them all is the Garden of the Masters of the Nets. The most prominent feature here is the management of space which gives one the illusion of a larger garden than it actually is. There are 3 main sections to explore; the central main garden, inner garden and residential section. Enjoy exploring the multiple walkways beautifully decorated as well as the view from the ribbon washing pavilion and pavilion for the advent of wind and moon. The inner garden is extremely picturesque while miniature bridges add an enchanting allure to the place. Night tours are available from 7.30pm to 10.00pm while the Yangyang Dumpling Restaurant located close by makes for a nice stop.

2. Enjoy a Stint at Suzhou Amusement Park
China’s largest suspended rollercoaster is housed within this park. A must visit on your five day tour of Suzhou the amusement park offers a thrilling selection of rides. Some of the rides include the suspended looping rollercoaster and the flying coaster. There is also a fake Roman coliseum and a replica of a dilapidated looking pirate ship for some thrills. Easy to reach for guests at Somerset Emerald City Suzhou, this park is open from 9 am to 5 pm and requires at least 3 hours of exploring.

3. Relish the Aesthetics of Lion Grove Garden
If you love culture and nature at its best do visit the Lion Grove Garden. This is one of Suzhou’s classical gardens built in the mid-fourteenth century during the time of the Yuan Dynasty. The place is so named due to its location on Lion Cliff situated on Mount Xitianmu of the Zhejiang Province around which other ‘Lion’ shaped rock formations are seen. Spanning a total of 10,000sqmtrs the gardens boast impressive architectural masterpieces while being a focal point for Buddhism. The place is open from 7.30 am to 5.30 pm and requires a time frame of about 2hrs to explore. Ideal for a morning away from your short stay apartment in Suzhou the park is best for rejuvenating mind body and soul.

4. Absorb the Ancient Architecture on Pingjiang Road
The road runs parallel to the Pingjiang River and stretches a distance of 1606 metres; renowned for its vintage architecture this is the best place to observe traditional Suzhou buildings. The town staunchly embraces culture from the Song Dynasty and has a history of over 800 years. Observe the white walls and black tiles of the typical Chinese structures that are a reflection of simplicity and serenity. Besides you can explore the rest of the area home to interesting bookshops, the Kunqu opera museum and Pingtang museum; also enjoy entertainment at the local opera theatres. It takes about an hour to check out the place which is basically open 24hrs.

5. Explore the Suzhou Museum
Located on Dongbei Street this museum is housed within what used to be the manor of Prince Zong. Established in 1960 the place pays homage to delicate porcelain, calligraphies, handicraft work, paintings from the Ming and Qing dynasties, relics from the revolution and much more. Ideal for getting acquainted with the history of Suzhou as well as the Yangtze Delta this place is fascinating and informative; completing your understanding of the ancient city.