How to Plan a Family Trip to Portugal

Regarded as one of Europe’s most breathtaking holiday destinations Portugal is also an ideal location for a family getaway. Home to some of the region’s top attractions and scenic landscapes Portugal is a land with a rich cultural legacy as well as an activity hub for the masses. Whether you are travelling with young or older children here are some tips on how to plan a successful family vacation in the country from reserving family friendly accommodation to organizing activities.

1. Create a Route Plan
The first stage of planning a vacation in any destination is selecting the areas you hope to visit and family vacations in Portugal are no different. As a vast and intriguing country it is important to read up on the various regions and precincts of Portugal before selecting a route for your time there. Regardless of whether you hope to spend most of your holiday in Lisbon or travelling around to more remote areas of the country, make sure you stay for more than one night in each hotspot. Changing locations too rapidly can tire out the young members of the family and also make tour experience seem fleeting and hurried. So make an itinerary that allows for several days in each city or region.

2. Reserve a Reliable Family Hotel

The next step when planning a family holiday to Portugal is selecting and booking hotels in Portugal that are ideal for your travel party. Keep in mind that Portugal is home to innumerable accommodation options from serviced apartments, guesthouses to hotel chains of the likes of Tivoli Hotels & Resorts but only certain properties will tick all the boxes when it comes to providing a safe base for families. In addition to the location of the rest, it is important to look into aspects such as on-site recreational facilities, the availability of babysitting services and kids clubs as well as other personal preferences of your family members. As the location in which you will be spending a majority of your time on holiday it is important to make the right choice.

3. Look into Sightseeing Options
Now it’s time to explore how you will be spending quality family time while on your Portugal getaway. Do some digging and find out interesting and engaging highlights to visit in each location on your route and don’t forget to include the little ones in the decision making process. There’s a lot more to Portugal than what one finds in travel brochures or tour packages and researching areas such as Évora with its iconic castles and ancient city walls as well as the Red Rock Fortress in Silves, the beaches of Faro and the temples of Beja are just some of the lesser known sightseeing excursions to enjoy in Portugal.

4. Sign Up for Activities
No family vacation would be complete without taking part in exciting and educational activities. Booking tour operators or signing up for activities is crucial for families heading to Portugal. Families hoping to vacation in the beach hubs of the country can sign up for kite surfing lessons or tours while snorkelling expeditions and other water sports activities are also widely available. Cycling families, on the other hand, can go biking across Geres and its hilly landscapes or go white water rafting in Duoro River’s tributary waters.

5. Note down Family-Friendly Dining Hotspots
As a food lover’s dream destination Portugal is home to some of Europe’s most scintillating dishes and popular restaurants. Having said that finding family-friendly dining establishments and venues which cater to your family’s dietary preferences, may prove to be a challenge for first-time travellers. Check online reviews and recommendations for eateries in the areas you hope to travel to and note down a few options in each location. It may also serve to keep a list of local food items, specialties and delicacies to sample while on the trip so the family can make an activity out of seeking out the appealing treats when on vacation.