How to Plan a Memorable Vacation in Middlemount

Img via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0

Middlemount is a quaint and charming little town that has quite a bit of things to do. From cultural attractions to historical monuments, this place has it all. To make the most out of your holiday in Middlemount you need to take your time and enjoy all the treasures that this city has in store. While you are at it don’t forget to try the local food and bask in the blissful scenery. Here is how you can plan a very memorable holiday in Middlemount.

Visit the Bundoora Dam

Undoubtedly the biggest attraction in Middlemount, the Bundoora Dam is a perfect place to spend time with the whole family. Nature lovers will find this attraction more than ideal because it is home to wildlife most of which can be spotted while simply relaxing in the area. Although known to be a very tranquil place in Middlemount, the Bundoora Dam is also quite perfect for adventure. For one, swimming in the sparkling blue waters is a popular activity here and for those who like to up their adrenaline levels a notch, there are also options like waterskiing. The water based fun at the Bundoora Dam does not end here for this location is an excellent place for fishing. You can get a good catch here and since your surrounding is so tranquil you will not mind however long it takes to get hook your bait. Another relaxing activity to undertake in the waters of Middlemount is boating. Amidst the scenic bliss that you will be surrounded by, simple activities like boating are such a treat. Take your time at Bundoora Dam. For every minute spent here is definitely worth your while.

Relax in the Gardens and Parks

If you have not had enough of Middlemount’s profound tranquillity, perhaps you can explore the many parks and gardens located in this town. Perfect for picnics and barbeques, these parks have all the facilities required for a beautiful day out with the family. Keep in mind though that once you use the facilities provided, clean up afterwards. The locals are quite particular in maintaining the area and keeping it pristine, clean and tidy.


Even exploring a small town like Middlemount is not quite complete without experiencing a little bit of the shopping on offer. It may not be as sophisticated as the bigger cities in Australia, but shopping in Middlemount is equally a treat. The two popular places for shopping in Middlemount are Civeo Middlemount Village and the Middlemount Shopping Centre. If you do not have too much time to spend in the town, it is best to find Middlemount accommodation that is located in close proximity to one of the two shopping venues. One option to consider is Oaks Middlemount which is just a 2 minute walk from the Middlemount Shopping Centre.

Img by: Oaks Middlemount Official Page


The local food of Middlemount may not be something to rave about but it is definitely something you should experience when visiting this town. You could try the restaurant at your accommodation if there is any or stop over at the MLC Hot Rocks and Pizzas. This place is known for its delicious pizzas and just like the rest of Middletown, there is something charming about the food locally prepared here.

Visit the Middlemount Lookout

The Middlemount Lookout is the ultimate dose of scenic bliss here. It is a place where you can lose yourself in picturesque beauty. If you have no time for the rest of the attractions, visit the Middlemount lookout for this place simplifies everything beautiful about Middlemount in a nutshell. When you get to the lookout, don’t forget to take your time here. Relish in the beauty and let it work its magic on your soul.