How to Plan Your Trip to Weligama

Trip to Weligama | Img. Credit: [We Escape]

Tipped to be one of Sri Lanka’s most coveted beach vacation hotspots, Weligama is no ordinary holiday destination down south. Occupying pride of place along the southern coastline, the area is identified by the sandy nature of its pristine beaches. Whether you are heading for a day trip or a week-long beach getaway, here are some useful guidelines on how to plan the ultimate vacation in breathtaking Weligama and make the most of your time in the seaside hamlet.

1. Time Your Trip
As in most beach holiday destinations, selecting the perfect time of year is also crucial when planning a trip to Weligama. Although the area is a wonderful holiday destination for most of the year, avoiding the rainy season or the monsoon period is recommended as many water sports activities as well as access to the beach and other excursions will be limited during the period. Those who are heading to Weligama to engage in particular water based activities such as scuba diving and surfing should also consider which months of the year are ideal for the activity and make travel arrangements accordingly.

2. Secure the Perfect Base
Next up, visitors must select a comfortable rest for the duration of their Weligama vacation and those who are staying for an extended period can always select more than one accommodation provider to spice up their holiday. When it comes to hotels in Weligama there are countless options available including We Escape and countless other similar resorts. What sets each accommodation hub apart from another, however, are the locations and the convenience the venues offer when it comes to sightseeing activities and travelling around Weligama in general. Ensure the beach hotel you select is located within a stone’s throw from the beach and is easy to reach via public transport as well.

3. Transport Options
Visitors must also figure out how they are going to travel to Weligama from the capital Colombo or elsewhere on the island. Based on your travel itinerary in Sri Lanka, make transport arrangements to reach Weligama before the hotel check-in time. Public bus services are available from Colombo to Matara and visitors heading to Weligama can hop on any bus heading to the Matara and get off at Weligama. Those who prefer to take the train, however, can take a train travelling to Midigama from the Fort Railway Station, which departs thrice daily. One can hop on a three-wheeler from Midigama and reach Weligama in a short time.

4. Sign Up for Water Sports
As one of Sri Lanka’s premier water sports hot spots, no trip to Weligama would be complete without experiencing some of the exciting water bound activities available in the area. Revered as a surfing Mecca for the masses Weligama Bay has a reputation for providing beach breaks and the ideal waves for novice surfers on a consistent basis. The best time to surf in Weligama is during the month of March although it is a potent surfing hub for most of the year. Scuba diving enthusiasts should also sign up for a diving expedition with a local tour operator to experience the underwater coral gardens off the coast of Weligama. Weligama is also the perfect place to pick up water sports the likes of diving and surfing and secure PADI certification as well. So make plans to experience at least a few of the water based activities in the area.

5. Look into Tours and Excursions
Whale watching excursions are by far the most popular outbound excursion option in Weligama as the chances of spotting blue whales are high during the season. Those who wish to experience a snorkelling tour around Weligama Bay can also sign up for a snorkelling adventure during the vacation while exploring cultural elements such as the Beeralu weaving industry on a cultural tour in the area are some of the other engaging excursion options available.