How to savor the best Thai cuisines

Thai Food Fish In Chili | Img. By : PuiiKarl via Pixabay , CC0 Creative Commons

There are plenty of reasons to visit Thailand, and Thai food is one of them. An abundance of refreshing flavours, fragrances, and fiery colours Thai food never fails to impress foreigners with its splendor. Food is an important part of Thai culture and this will become evident when you see so many people enjoying soupy goodness in public spaces, everywhere.

Everyday Thai dishes that tingles your taste buds

Tom Yum Gung is a Thai masterpiece soup that you must taste during your stay in Phuket. Prepared with shrimp (which is the main ingredient) mushrooms, tomatoes, lemongrass, lime and couple of other herbs. It is one of the most popular Thai dishes in the world. The tangy, sweet and a strong spicy flavor that leaves behind a tingling sensation on your taste buds is definitively worth tasting. The mishmash of herbs exudes a refreshing aroma ensuring that you slurp down every drop. Certain ingredients can be altered (but not everything) if you prefer a creamy flavor coconut milk or cream can be added but for a more sour and healthy version you can omit these!

Gaeng Keow Wan Kai is a ravishing green chicken curry that comes with tender chicken, eggplant, bamboo shoots, Thai basil and of course green chilies, which is made into a thick paste mixed with coconut milk. A handful of other herbs and roots that are popular in Thai cuisines go into the dish as well. Since there is plenty of gravy it is usually served as an accompaniment to a bowl of rice. If you are staying in Phuket luxury villas in Thailand that serves ravishing local dishes such as Kata Rocks then don’t forget to try the Gaeng Keow Wan Kai.

Try a healthy Thai breakfast

Has anyone been served a Joke for breakfast? Joke is a Thai dish usually served during breakfast. It is a type of congee or rice porridge, a well-known in Asian countries. In Phuket, a variety of meats is usually added to enhance the flavours since pork is a local favourite you find minced pork or pork organs in the dish. The topping is generally a soft-boiled egg, spring onions and sliced ginger. If you want to eat like a Thai then add some soy or fish sauce with a ground or pickled chili.

Khao Rad Gang is considered a Thai fast food preferred by many during the rush hour. However, this fast food is high in nutrition and ideal to get you through a busy day even without lunch. A bowl of rice is served with at least two to three accompaniments; you can pick your choice from curries, stir-fried dishes or even a soup.

A mouthwatering traditional Thai lunch

The one serious problem that you will face during lunchtime in Phuket is to decide where and what to eat since the choices are varied. Kway Tio is a basic dish widely available throughout the country. A type of noodle soup prepared with a variety of meats including pork, beef, duck, fish or meatballs. Veggies are also added along with the standard Thai condiments to taste.

Another classic lunch item in the menu is Pad Thai Goon. This is quite a popular dish you find in many Thai restaurants all over the world. Stir-fried rice noodles are served with fresh shrimp, crab or chicken, you will also be able to find a vegetarian version. This is a heavy dish with a lot of flavour and it’s a bit spicy too.