How to Select the Best Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

Img Credit By : lapping via Pixabay [CC0 Creative Commons]

Regarded as one of the top beach holiday hubs in Asia, Sri Lanka offers holidaymakers a plethora of diverse landscapes and activities to experience during a vacation. Regardless of the duration of your visit, exploring what the island nation has to offer in terms of cultural as well as recreational attractions requires research. Here are some tips on what areas to include in your Sri Lankan holiday itinerary to enjoy a memorable vacation in the country.

1. Timing Your Visit
One aspect that has a direct impact on the selection of destinations on your Sri Lankan holiday is the timing of the holiday. The period of year or time of month one is heading to the island not only determines the areas which are ideal for that particular time of year but the types of activities that may be open or closed depending on the season. Those who are travelling to the island for Christmas holidays, for example, will be travelling during peak tourist season in Sri Lanka, which means most attractions and activities are available and the weather conditions are ideal for every variety of excursion imaginable. Those visiting during the monsoon months, on the other hand, can enjoy a white water rafting experience in Kitulgala but safari adventures in Yala or a pleasant beach vacation will prove to be difficult due to inclement weather. So base your selection on the time available for your holiday and the areas which will be in optimum condition during this time.

2. Prioritize Holiday Objectives
This is yet another element that will influence the selection of the top places to visit during a Sri Lankan getaway. Every traveller has a vision or an idea of what his or her holiday will encompass, whether it’s lazy days spent tanning on the beach, camping out in the heart of the jungle or enjoying spa therapies and a shopping spree in the destination’s finest retail outlets. It is important to narrow down what your particular expectations for the holiday are before you select the destination. Sri Lanka may be a small island but it encompasses a world of unique and diverse experiences. It makes little sense to embark on a pilgrimage to the Cultural Triangle if it is of little interest to you. Select destinations that correspond with your passions and interests.

3. Read Up
Next, is it time to truly understand what the country has to offer in terms of sightseeing options and activities. One’s selections of the types of activities and attractions each location contains are dependent upon just how much one knows about the island and its precincts. Online and offline resources such as travelogues, guide books, and other publications can be invaluable in not only selecting your destinations but the best hotels in Sri Lanka or the top accommodation providers available in each area, whether it’s Aitken Spence Hotels or any of the many similar hotel chains operational in the island as well.

4. Must- Visit Hotspots
Regardless of what your personal holiday goals and itinerary includes, there are certain areas and places in the island no holiday in Sri Lanka would be complete without. This includes the nation’s capital, Colombo which is home to the country’s top shopping malls and cultural institutions including the National Museum. The Hill Capitol, Kandy, on the other hand, is the sacred home of the Temple of the Tooth Relic while Sri Lanka’s southern coastal belt features not only stunning beaches but the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Dutch Galle Fort as well.

5. Culinary Highlights
Sampling authentic Sri Lankan cuisine should also be a top priority for those planning a getaway in the island and basing one’s choices on regional cuisine and specialties is another great way to capitalize on the time available on the island. Tea connoisseurs, for example, can plan a visit to a tea factory in Nuwara Eliya or Hatton while seafood lovers can head to Negombo or other southern food hubs to sample Sri Lankan seafood fare at its best.