How to Travel around Guangzhou

As one of the Chinese Republic’s most popular vacation hubs Guangzhou attracts visitors from around the world to its metropolitan landscapes. The tourist highlights and activity bases around the city not only include iconic opera houses and TV towers but also retail hotspots and recreational points of interest. Contemporary and efficient to a fault, getting around the city however may seem daunting for first-time visitors. Here are some tips on how to get around when in Guangzhou.

1. Select a Strategically Situated Rest
Those who are travelling to Guangzhou for a vacation or on business should first and foremost secure a hotel or a serviced apartment in Guangzhou that is centrally located. Staying in a venue that is conveniently located whether it’s Citadines LiZhiWan Guangzhou or any of the countless aparthotels and resorts in the city makes transfers not only easy but convenient. This is important for both vacationers and business travellers as short travel times and access to attractions and activity bases around the city can be an advantage regardless of the duration of one’s stay. Selecting a base hotel close to some of the city’s main transportation hubs can also be beneficial as this will provide efficient connections to various parts of the city.

2. Water Bus
As one of the more interesting means of travel available to visitors, exploring Guangzhou through its waterways can be both an adventure and a scenic way to take in the sights. Running along the course of the Pearl River there are six water buses that are operational in the city. Accessible from four piers along the route visitors can hop on a water bus at the Xidi Ferry Pier, Fangcun Ferry Pier, Zhongda Ferry Pier and the Tianzi Ferry Pier. The ports connected with water travel in Guangzhou include the Zhoutouzui Port, Nansha Port, Suigang Port, Panyu Lianhuashan Port and the Zengcheng Xintang Port. The ride up and down the river takes less than 50 minutes while water transport is also one of the more affordable modes of travel in the city.

3. Bus It
Another efficient and easily accessible transport option for travellers is the city bus network of Guangzhou. Covering nearly every part of the city, buses are available for most of the day and night making travelling around the city more convenient for those opting to travel by road. The buses include an impressive two sightseeing bus lines that are ideal for those looking to visit most of the major landmarks littering Guangzhou. Airport shuttle bus services and BRT lines are also part of the fleet in addition to daytime buses and night-time lines. All one needs is a comprehensive bus schedule to travel to nearly every part of Guangzhou on city bus networks that provide timely and reliable services.

4. Take the Subway
Those who prefer to take the subway to their destinations around the city always have the option of using the 9 underground railway lines operating across the city. Operated on a stage fare basis travellers will pay more for longer journeys and pay less for shorter transfers. Offering quick connections to nearly every major region of the city the nine lines are connected to the Baiyun Airport, Foshan City and three railway stations including the East Railway Station and the South Railway Station.

5. Taxi Cabs
Although it may not be the most cost-effective means of travelling around Guangzhou visitors can always catch a taxi cab when travelling to various areas of the city. Most taxis will have a rate per kilometre and be metered but most will also include call-up charges as well. The first mile or several miles are usually charged a flat rate while every additional kilometre will cost more. Be sure to inquire the per kilometre rate before embarking on a cab journey.