Visit CINEC Campus for the best in higher education -Your door to the future

Ship AHOY | Image Source [CINEC]

Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one. Visit CINEC Campus for the best in higher education in Sri Lanka.

Despite the monetary reasons such as help find lucrative careers, bountiful opportunities for bonuses and high salaries, there’s a plethora of other reasons why you should seek higher education. You will learn how to solve problems, how to deal with other people and a variety of other real life situations.

Being the only maritime college in Sri Lanka that offers internationally recognized highest qualifications for seafarers CINEC Campus understands that higher education is more than a bridge to a career; it’s about how to develop a better you.

This campus provides world class training and education courses in varied fields with a dynamic and flexible curriculum supported by state of the art facilities. If you are planning to do engineering degrees in Sri Lanka, you are certain to discover many courses related to the subject you are keen on. E.g. you may discover marine engineering, engineering, and technology courses.

The programmes offered at CINEC, are recognized internationally and locally, therefore you will have no problem in job offers. CINEC Campus has sports facilities such as rugby, football, chess, table tennis, swimming, cricket etc. Participating in these extracurricular activities on campus will make your college experience that much more fulfilling and provides opportunities to learn things that you will not learn in a classroom.