Dining Options for Foodies in Sathon District

Sathorn Restaurants : Photo : Chatrium Residence Sathorn Bangkok

If you’re a foodie, then this guide will be your best friend while you’re in Thailand. However, even if you are not one, this list of dining options will probably save your life (slight exaggeration). Here’s how you can get your dose of Thailand flavours and spices from a variety of cuisines and dining establishments.

Baan Khanitha

Located about 15- 20 minutes from accommodation properties such as Chatrium Residence Sathon Bangkok, Baan Khanitha serves traditional Thai food in a homely setting. This restaurant has won a number of awards for its outstanding local dishes.

With 4 branches located around the city, Baan Khanitha is a popular restaurant chain which delivers mouth-watering Thai cuisine with an impeccable service. The restaurant is open from 11 am to midnight every day and can get pretty crowded for meals, so make sure you call and reserve a table before popping in!

House on Sathorn

Previously named as Sathorn Mansion, this restaurant and bar was first used as the residence for Khun Luang, a wealthy nobleman. The property was built in the early 1900s and since then has been the Royal Hotel and then the Soviet Union (and later Russian) embassy.

The mansion has been renovated and refurbished and now accommodates a star class dining restaurant in Bangkok serving local dishes with an abundance of good flavours and spices.

Guests can opt to enjoy their meals at The Dining Room or in The Courtyard or sip a refreshing drink at The Bar. The Dining Room is open for dinner only, from 6 pm to 9:30 pm, so don’t forget to book your table. Each dish has been inspired by Chef Fatih Tutak’s travels around Asia, which follows a “fun dining” concept.

The Corner

All day breakfast lovers will love The Corner! This café and restaurant serve an all-day breakfast menu from local favourites to French and Mediterranean influenced dishes.

The French chef at The Corner prepares each meal carefully using a majority of local and organic ingredients. Visitors can enjoy a variety of scrumptious sandwiches, warm cups of tea, strong coffees or refreshing milkshakes at any time and has thus become one of the most popular breakfast spots in the area!

Sathorn Sois 10 and 12

Sathorn Sois 10 and 12 has become a street full of popular eateries which host various themed nights at each restaurant. For those with a hankering for a good plate of meat, head over to Lady Brett.

From sirloin steaks, grilled chicken and beef steaks, this restaurant will leave your mouth watering for more! If you’re craving sushi, sashimi and sake, Hanakaruta is a well-established Japanese restaurant in the area with inexpensive prices.

For brunches, Rocket is best known for its delectable weekend brunch spreads. Satisfy your thirst at Le Café des Stagiaires, a popular bar with exclusive cocktails that will keep you coming back for more each time; if not for the cocktails, then certainly for the bartenders.

Revolucion Cocktail serves up a Cuban feast accompanied with great music, drinks and tapas! Walk out of your Sathorn hotel, and you’re bound to find a number of restaurants to dine at!

Sathorn Soi 11 and Chan Road

This street is popular for street vendors, with places such as Tee Yai Muay Lek Patongkoh, Southern Thai Khao Gaeng Restaurant, Hia Wan Rice Porridge, Chan Chuan Chim Fried Noodles Original 1943 Stall to name a few. These stalls are run by locals and usually stay open till late night. Sink your teeth into some of the local favourites as you enjoy local street food at cheap prices.