How to Experience the Best of Sri Lanka in Two Weeks

As one of Asia’s most popular tourist hotspots and beach holiday destinations, Sri Lanka is no ordinary vacation hub in the region. Home to some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes in South Asia with a cultural heritage to match, spending a lengthy vacation in the country is a dream many travellers entertain. Here are some tips on not only how to explore the island’s top attractions and activity bases but also how to optimize your travel experience when in Sri Lanka.

Image Credit — Walkers Tours

1. Do Your Homework
The success or failure of any vacation experience is highly dependent on the level of awareness each traveller has regarding the destination and Sri Lanka is no different. As an island nation with diverse topographical features and a rich cultural heritage, enjoying a memorable vacation in Sri Lanka requires both forethought and research. From the must-visit tourist highlights around the country to some of the most coveted experiences one can enjoy during a holiday, reading up on what’s available is crucial to experiencing an unforgettable two-week getaway in the island. Look into online and offline resources on the island and narrow down the type of holiday you wish to encounter. Is it a beach vacation with retail therapy? Or a wildlife oriented getaway with some culture thrown into the mix? Two weeks is more than enough to discover most of what Sri Lanka has to offer, so start reading.

2. Time Your Visit
Those who wish to experience the best of what the island has to offer should time their visit to coincide with ideal weather conditions. As a tropical nation, the one season visitors must avoid if they hope to enjoy a seamless vacation on the island is the monsoon period. The period from May to June is especially precarious in terms of weather while the best time to visit the island falls between the months of December and April when sunny skies are prevalent throughout the country. The timing of your visit should also coincide with the activities and attractions you wish to experience during the two weeks. Those who wish to catch the sunrise from atop Adam’s Peak, for example, should head to the island between December and May while travellers who want to go whale watching in Trincomalee should visit in the period from May to September.

3. Make a Tour Itinerary
A clear and comprehensive tour itinerary is also necessary to spend your two weeks in Sri Lanka meaningfully. After reading up on the island, make a list of the attractions and activities you wish to experience and group them according to location. Those who wish to travel independently and take part in things to do in Sri Lanka on their own accord should also make hotel reservations in the key areas of travel destinations. Others, who prefer to enlist the services of a tour operator, whether it’s Walkers Tours or any of the countless other local tour organizers in Sri Lanka, can book tour packages that cater to their holiday specifications.

4. Schedule Activities
Don’t forget to take part in some of the most exciting and once in a lifetime activities and experiences available on the island, as two weeks allows time for more than just sightseeing. Whether it’s white water rafting in Kitulgala, whale watching in Mirissa or wildlife safaris in Yala or enjoying the massive waves on a surfing expedition to Arugam Bay, take part in activities that appeal to your sense of adventure.

5. Sort Out Transport Methods
Those who have not signed up with a local tour operator to explore the island should also look into transport options for the duration of the stay and the various activities they have planned. Hiring a rental vehicle may be a good idea for independent travellers hoping to cut costs while enjoying the convenience of having a comfortable vehicle at their disposal although public transport links such as the bus service and railway network also provide reliable transfers around the country.

6. Don’t Forget to Experience the Food
Sri Lankan food has been reputed as the home of the world’s most underrated cuisine according to Lonely Planet. Set aside time to sample local delicacies is instrumental to making the most of your holiday in this island. From sampling street food varieties the likes of vegetable rotis and hoppers to relishing seafood cuisine in the country’s south and the delectable taste of a cup of Sri Lankan tea, prioritizing dining is a must for all vacationers visiting the country.