How to Plan a Trip to Mackay

Often regarded as one of Queensland’s lesser known holiday hubs, the tranquil landscapes of Mackay make for a memorable vacation experience for travellers from around the world. Best known as a coal mining town, the area is equally well-regarded among ale connoisseurs and pub fanatics Down Under. From exploring the area’s top points of interest to engaging in fishing trips and other activities here are some tips on planning the ultimate Mackay getaway.

Trip to Mackay | Photo via Pixabay , CC0 Public Domain

1. Time your Trip
Although there is technically no right time to visit Mackay, timing your trip to coincide with the best time to visit the area does have its advantages. As a rule of thumb the months from January to April are considered the most ideal time to visit the area as the weather and temperatures are do not exceed 25 degrees. December, is the beginning of the wet season while colder months of the year sees the temperature fluctuate between 10 °C degrees and 20°C. Visitors can also time their vacation in Mackay to coincide with local events, so doing some research into what activities and events are taking place during the year could also prove useful.

2. Secure a Convenient Base
The next step in the planning process is selecting a base hotel for your stay. Note that hotels in Mackay come in all shapes and sizes and are not limited to resorts and hotels. Aparthotels, whether it’s the Oaks Rivermarque or innumerable others occupying the city, are also an option for those considering a long stay in the area. In addition to the creature comforts provided by the establishment you select ensure the venue is within close range of some of the city’s top highlights and activity bases. As an area that is not well-connected by public transportation networks it is imperative that one secures a convenient base.

3. Look into Attractions
As in any holiday destination, it is important to consider how you will spend your time sightseeing in Mackay by reading up on the town and its many attractions. Some of the most celebrated natural attributes in Mackay is of course Harbour Beach which is located on East Point Road. The Marina which also include a scenic port is another great recreational location in the area which is home to several restaurants and coffee shops. Nature lovers should allocate time to explore the Mackay Regional Botanical Gardens while history buffs can sign up for tours to visit Farleigh Mill and Mackay Working Sugar Mill. Art enthusiasts can explore the region’s creative spirit at Artspace Mackay while St Paul’s United Church is a historic edifice dating back to 1898. Architecture fans can also tour the many art deco structures occupying the city.

4. Make an Activity Itinerary
Then it’s time to look into must-have experiences and activity hubs scattered across Mackay. Revered as one of the best cities for quality ales and classic pubs, visitors should set aside time to go bar hopping in the more than 24 pubs littering the city. The Farview Tavern is a firm favourite among locals while Eimeo Pub enjoys a striking location atop a cliff overlooking the sea. Other iconic pubs include the Seabreeze Tavern and the Maguires Tavern. Known as an angler’s dream destination, fishing enthusiasts can also engage in the activity while on holiday in Mackay.

5. Note down Shopping Hotspots
What’s a vacation without a shopping spree in local retail hotspots? Explore Mackay’s favourite shopping hubs and include them in your daily itinerary. The two largest shopping malls in Mackay are Mount Pleasant Greenfields and Mount Pleasant where one will find signature brands the likes of Toys’R’Us while Caneland Central is home to Rush Surfwear, Target, Crazy Johns and innumerable other labels such as Optus and Mathers Shoes.

6. Explore Transport Options
Bus services in the region are limited and do not serve all major areas of Mackay so rental cars are the most popular options among tourists. Consult local rental companies from Avis to Redspot and Hertz on car hire rates for the duration of your stay. Cab services are available in major streets and retail hotspots around town.