How to Plan a Trip to the Holy Land

As one of the most popular tour experiences for the spiritually inclined, a trip to the holy land is an often a once in a lifetime opportunity for pilgrims around the world. Due to the location of the various sacred hotspots and the significance of the tour to one’s spirituality, planning a trip to the holy land is vastly different from organizing any other ordinary vacation abroad. From one’s spiritual preparation to more practical details of the trip, here are some tips on how to get started.

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1. Read Up
The first step in planning a trip to the Holy Land is devoting the time before the time of travel to read up and learn as much as you can about the layout of the venue. The geography of the area is of particular importance as one will need to know the location of each site to plan the route to take during the tour. The history and the significance of each location is equally pertinent and imperative for your appreciation of the many sacred sites on the itinerary. In addition to a New Testament bible which has illustrated maps on how the area looked during the period in which Jesus was among its inhabitants, you could consult a comprehensive encyclopedia or an online atlas to get your bearings on where crucial events in the bible took place and their legacy.

2. Look into Tour Packages and Operators
One of the most comprehensive ways to enjoy a trip to the Holy Land is to sign up for a group tour package. There are countless Holy Land tours organized by tour operators around the world, from Sri Lankan based outfits such as Jetwing Holidays and innumerable others. It is important however to read the fine print before selecting a tour package to the Holy Land as there as many tours that claim to take tourists to the various sites of significance in the bible but fail to live up to expectations. The popularity of Holy Land tours has meant that those with less than pure intentions and expertise in organizing spiritual excursions have entered the fray of genuine and expert tour operators providing quality tour experiences. Ensure the team you select has a good track record by consulting testimonials and reviews online.

3. Prepare Your Spirit
This is one of the aspects of organizing a trip to the Holy Land that most pilgrims ignore or forgo due to the rush and the frenzy to get flights, tours and other practical details of the trip in order. It is, however, the most important part of preparing for such a monumental trip and visitors who wish to glean and experience all that a tour of the Holy Land can offer for their personal benefit should take the time to prepare their spirits for the journey ahead. Praying together with the companions you will be travelling with is one of the best ways to prepare while reading the Gospel and making a list of spiritual goals to achieve during the trip can also set the right tone for the trip.

4. Discipline Your Body
Many of the highlights on a tour of the Holy Land are not located in street corners or in convenient locations in Israel although the local government has made it easier for pilgrims to reach the venues and make the journeys more comfortable over the years. Some require walking while others require steep climbs and hiking so prepping your body for the tour is just as crucial. In addition to maintaining one’s regular fitness practices, it would be highly beneficial to incorporate walking or jogging activities into your daily routine. Eating healthy and maintaining good health is also a must for elderly visitors or those with chronic conditions. Getting a check up before your departure date is also recommended to put the mind at ease.

5. Know What to Pack
Depending on the timing of your trip it is imperative that pilgrim takes all the necessary essentials to the Holy Land as it is unlike any other destination in the world. Take care to pack prescription medication as well as first aid must-haves for the tour. When it comes to clothing, pack items that can be layered depending on the hot or cold weather prevalent in the tour days and ensure the clothing is not of a revealing or indecent nature. Don’t forget to take spiritual publications as well as some engaging reading material on the placed you will be visiting.