How To Prepare for a Beach Trip

It’s summer time and most of us are headed to the beach! When planning a beachside vacation, there are a few things that one must not forget. In the midst of all the excitement, it is only natural that you would forget to bring some essentials. See below for the definitive list of what you must bring, expect and be prepared for!

Work from the top down
An easy way to never forget anything on vacation again is to pack from your head to your toes — meaning, a hat for your head, all the way down to appropriate footwear (recommend taking at least two pairs in case one gets wet). Once you have got those two fundamentals covered, see what else you need to bring. Sunglasses are vital to protect your eyes, as is sun block / sun tan oil for your skin. Ask your local pharmacist for a good sun block / oil and they will usually recommend the best option. Beachwear differs from person to person based on their own preferences, but for now, do not forget to pack extra underwear!

Pack beachwear
Most guys prefer to be shirtless on the beach, so trunks and any other swim gear would need to be packed, but definitely take a tank top or a few of them to throw on, as this will help you to avoid getting burned by the sun after prolonged hours on the beach. For the ladies, a couple of swimsuits and / or bikinis paired with beach wraps or sarongs should cover you for your beachside holiday. In addition, it is best to take a t-shirt or a cover-up with sleeves to put on after your time in the sun to prevent getting burned. Both guys and girls should ideally also pack a pair of shorts, as it is the most convenient article of clothing to wear without the worry of getting them wet after a swim for your walk back to wherever you may be staying.

Check Beach Bag Basics
It’s best to carry a water resistant bag to the beach, just in case. Make sure you pack some healthy snacks — dried fruit, power bars — to keep your energy levels up during your time at the beach. A tumbler for some water is also a very good idea as the scorching sun ensures you will be dehydrated quite quickly, especially if you’re planning on going for a swim in the sea or participating in any water sports / activities. Also, do not forget to pack any equipment you might need for said activities. For example, snorkelling gear and a water resistant cover for your phone should you choose to take pictures at the beach, camera and portable chargers. Most importantly, never underestimate the need for something to sit on at the beach. You will most likely find plastic or deck chairs on most beaches, but since they tend to get crowded very quickly, the chances of you finding a place to sit are slim. It is recommended that you take a beach towel / mat in addition to the towel you will use to dry off to lay on the sand or on the plastic chair before you sit down.

Plan your activities
Once you get to the beach, what will you be doing? If you’re going to be tanning, you might not want to forget your headphones so you can listen to some music or a book / magazines to keep you entertained. Don’t know what water sports / activities to try out? Don’t worry. If you find yourself in any of the Mirissa beach hotels in sunny Sri Lanka, feel free to ask the reception for any deals they have on offer. Most places, like Esprit d’ici Hotel, will recommend activities such as whale watching and a trip to the meditation centre nearby — things you might not even have thought of doing! So it might be a good idea to call ahead and see what activities you’d like to participate in so you can pack accordingly beforehand.

Bring a First Aid Kit
Being prepared for cuts, bruises and burns should be second nature when packing for the beach. A few bandages, some aloe vera gel for sunburns and an antiseptic cream are the absolute must haves. You can also include some pain relief pills and antihistamines should you need them.

Consider whether to take your wallet?
Beaches aren’t the safest places as they tend to get very crowded and you can easily lose sight of your things if you don’t have someone to look after them for you while you’re away. Just take enough to buy a souvenir from a local vendor if you would like something to take back and a little more for some food and drinks if you didn’t bring any yourself.