How to Rent a Car in Sri Lanka

Although renting a car is the most convenient way of getting around in Sri Lanka, it is not always the easiest option. Many in fact find it a cumbersome affair thanks to the number of hidden fees and strange requirements that the package comes with. To ensure you have a smooth process renting a car in Sri Lanka it helps to know full well the rules and regulations that this service comes with. Also, you should take your time hunting for the best price. Below are a few tips on renting a car.

Image Credit — casons

Research on the going rates for car rental services

Unless executed correctly, renting a car can ends up as a big hassle. The worst thing that can happen when renting a car is getting those unpleasant surprises. You do not want to go to a car rental and have your jaw drop at the astronomical rates. So as a rule of thumb read up and research on the prices before visiting any car rental. In other words, make sure you do your homework. If you are looking to rent a car in Sri Lanka you need to find the going price within Sri Lanka; for prices vary markedly from place to place. Renting a car in Sri Lanka is on the expensive side but since there is so much convenience in having your own car to move around, a lot of people are ready to spend their money for car rental services. The online world is very helpful when it comes to researching prices. Learn about the going rates in reputed rent a car companies.

Ascertain the size of car you will need

Always make sure there is enough room for all the passengers you intend to carry. Keep in mind that the size of the car varies according to the brand and model. Even a 3-seater in one model may prove to be larger or smaller than a 3-seater in another model. The prices also vary according to the capacity of the vehicle. But in general luxury or high end cars are more expensive than the budget options.

Read up a little on the car rental companies

If you want to rent a car it is best you go with reputed companies. For one, a car is a valuable asset and unless it is in optimum working conditions it can pose a risk or threat to your safety. When you go with the reputed names in the industry it is always better, since such companies value their name above all else. You are also assured safety and that will give you the added peace of mind when driving such vehicles. Reputed companies may seem slightly pricier but usually, it is free from hidden costs that might be found in smaller places. If you want to rent a car in Sri Lanka there are many options most of which are found in Colombo. Well known companies that you will find on a Google search include Casons Rent a Car Sri Lanka among several others. Take your time and read up about the car rental companies and if you get hold of reviews, read those as well.

Review your contract

Firstly ensure that all information mentioned in the contract is 100 percent accurate. Next, make sure that the contract reflects the exact agreed price of the service and all extra charges that the service comes with. Thoroughly read the contract to make sure that you are not agreeing to any unintended liability. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Also, make sure that the car has a valid insurance.