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What is the Vanywhere?

The web has changed the way that we get to data. In any case, the way that we get it hasn’t generally changed in years. Consistently, a great many individuals spend incalculable hours looking through pages of bland list items and unknown proposals. We trust that there must be a superior method to get to data these days.

That is the reason we made Vanywhere. It’s a live ability sharing stage that in a split second interfaces individuals chasing and offering aptitudes, so you can get customized comes about custom-made just to you. All cooperations occur through live, 1-on-1 video, voice and visit or disconnected gigs for independent activities. Presently as opposed to perusing content on the web, you can pay incrementally to talk eye to eye with a man who has the correct aptitudes that you require. It resembles FaceTiming with somebody who can enable you to cook a supper, style an outfit, settle your cell phone, or more. Vanywhere has a made another plan of action in light of the VANY token and elective income channels that enables us to furnish distributed exchanges with negligible commission.

How Vanywhere Works?

Discover a Skiller that addresses your issues 
Pick how to associate: video, voice or talk 
Get moment, customized exhortation, answers and arrangements 
Consistently exchange VANY tokens 
Leave an audit and rate your Skiller

A man does not need to be a specialist or an expert, he simply needs an ability in which he is better than average. On the off chance that the proprietor of a significant expertise needs to share his experience, at that point he sets his own particular cost for a moment of live discussion or a charge for disconnected counsel. Moreover, they can acquire on their recommendation.

Arranged experts and specialists who are specialists in their fields. This can incorporate, among others, bookkeepers and marketing specialists, nutritionists and cosmetics craftsmen, software engineers and wellness coaches. These are individuals who right now utilize applications for consultants to acquire pay from their insight and aptitudes.

Powerful individuals in informal organizations with a multitude of dedicated adherents who swing to them for guidance. Vanywhere offers them a one of a kind chance to take an interest 1-on-1 with their group of onlookers as an esteem included administration that specifically adapts their endorsers on an individual premise. For little online journals (with devotees of 10K-100K), this income channel is particularly imperative, since they have not yet achieved the limit when they get significant income from their endorsers.

Standard individuals with unordinary abilities. They can know everything about jazz music, be specialists in gathering furniture or take in all the best nearby eateries. These are individuals with abilities that they need to impart to somebody who needs it.

Apple Case Study

In Q1 2017, Vanywhere was live in the App Store for broad item testing. One of the pilots we ran was offering help for Apple items and administrations.

Consistently, there are more than 1M Google look demands for Apple technical support inquiries, for example, “how to sync my iPhone?” We enlisted Apple fans to be Vanywhere Skillers and propelled an Apple bolster battle, which created 26% change from download to activity with normal call times enduring 4 ½ minutes. Over the span of the pilot, we turned into the biggest live video supplier of Apple technical support on the planet.

Introduction to Skillers — skills

Vanywhere depends on individuals with aptitudes.

We call them Skillers. A Skiller doesn’t really need to be a specialist or an expert, they simply need an expertise that they’re decent at, and need to impart to the world. Skillers set their own particular cost every moment for live talks, or a task expense for disconnected gigs. In addition they can gain tips as well.

Xlassification Skillers

+ Professional Skillers: are prepared experts and consultants who are specialists in their fields. These could incorporate bookkeepers and marketing specialists, nutritionists and cosmetics craftsmen, PC software engineers and wellness coaches, among others. They are individuals who are as of now utilizing independent commercial center applications, to produce pay from their insight and aptitudes.

+ Influencer Skillers: are online networking influencers with a multitude of steadfast supporters who seek them for direction and exhortation in their field. Vanywhere offers them a one of a kind open door for 1-on-1 engagement with their gathering of people as an additional esteem benefit that straightforwardly adapts their supporters on an individual premise. For smaller scale influencers (with 10K-100K devotees), this income channel is especially vital, as they haven’t yet achieved the limit where they’re winning important income for sponsorship bargains.

+ Everyday Skillers: are conventional individuals with uncommon abilities. They could know everything about jazz music, be extraordinary at assembling IKEA furniture, or know all the best neighborhood eateries in New York. These are individuals with abilities that they’re anxious to impart to any individual who needs to tune in.

Everyone will be accepted Skillers?

While everyone can apply to be a Skiller, not everyone will be accepted. After filling out a profile application, it is up to the Vanywhere community to audit, review and approve all Skillers. These community members will receive a rating based on the quality and quantity of Skillers who they approve. In exchange for their participation, community members will be rewarded with VANY tokens.

Freelancers currently working through other online platforms will migrate to Vanywhere for: Minimal commission, Intuitive user experience and Global reach

Vanywhere Team.

The Vanywhere group has been working since 2015 to convey their one of a kind vision to the world. They have effectively created and tried a working stage that is intended to bring live, customized answers for individuals everywhere throughout the world. All alone, the stage is as of now a distinct advantage, yet with the consideration of blockchain innovation it additionally upsets the ability sharing and independent economies by making the world’s first distributed, aptitude sharing biological system.

+ Rami Shechter — CEO and Founder
For as long as 30 years, Rami has been at the cutting edge of the computerized publicizing industry in Israel. He has established and lead various effective organizations gaining practical experience in computerized advertising, web-based social networking and web based business, working with both Israeli customers and universal brands including LivePerson, Clinique, Pizza Hut, Warner Brother and Avis among others. Before that, he was a pioneer in Israeli radio, establishing Radio Ezori (Regional Radio) in 1995, and making a promoting model that conveyed the station to full entrance inside the Israeli market inside a brief timeframe. Rami is knowledgeable about exhorting and going with organizations in each phase of improvement from beginning plan to fruitful dispatch and past. 
+ Itay Shechter — COO and Founder
Itay has broad involvement in item assembling, item administration, and remote group administration. For as long as five years he was the Media Marketing Manager at an intelligent organization with a list of Israeli and global customers. He has dealt with each part of media arranging from the advancement and administration of media, innovative and online networking methodologies and battles to hands on media purchasing and KPI enhancement, overseeing media groups, PPC offices, and the outsourcing of undertakings. Notwithstanding building items for customers, he has additionally been a looked for after media and item guide in the business. His works have been perceived by Facebook and included in their business examples of overcoming adversity. 
+ Gilad Menashe — CTO
Gilad has more than 15 years of involvement in web advances, security, mobile, SAAS, Blockchain advances, AWS, web applications and PC vision. He has been overseeing advancement bunches for a long time, and was a VP of R&D for as long as 9 years where he built up an item which turned into the organization’s lead and a key factor in transforming them into an innovatively prevalent market pioneer. His work has won multi-million dollar contracts with clients including NASA, Boeing, United Airlines, American Airlines, the Canadian Air Force, and Israel Defense Forces among others. He has additionally served in the Israeli Defense Forces Intelligence Corps (8200) as a major aspect of the advancement group making (C/C++) installed (Hardware) and work area applications. 
+ Paul Fischer — Creative Director
Paul has been working in marking, development and promoting for as far back as 15 years, with an attention on mark character. As an author and substance strategist, he has created one of a kind computerized, print and versatile substance for a portion of the world’s driving brands, including Coca Cola, Diageo, Johnson and Johnson, LVMH, MTV Networks, PepsiCo, Proctor and Gamble, Starwood Hotels, Teva Pharmaceuticals and Verizon. Notwithstanding his marking work, he put in more than ten years in New York’s film and TV creation industry. 
+ Dmitry Khmelnitsky — Art Director
For as far back as 7 years, Dima has been filling in as a Visual Experience Artist and Art Director, conceptualizing and executing plan ideas for disconnected, on the web and portable channels. As the Art Director at an intelligent office in Tel Aviv, he dealt with a group of visual originators, built up the benchmarks of visual substance, and enhanced visual marking heading for an assortment of Israeli and global customers. He has planned and propelled numerous cross-channel crusades including sites, logos, standards, online networking, print and the sky is the limit from there, that have connected with clients and expanded ROI for customers. 
+ Gil Ram — Community Manager
For as long as five years, Gil worked in the advertisement tech industry, as a group pioneer and after that co-director of a fruitful organization in the execution showcasing space, and 1+ year in the blockchain business as a private financial specialist and an independent. Gil acquires his immense experience substance, marking, and showcasing. He oversaw and executed hundereds of crusades for many customers and in numerous stages. Gil has MA in Psychology, and trusts that throughout everyday life, everything is close to home.

Vanywhere’s Advisory Team

Is made up of international leaders in the world of business, startups and blockchain technology.

+ Lior Boker — Business Development, WIX
Lior has been dynamic in the innovation and media business for more than 25 years with extraordinary accentuation on new media (communicate, web and versatile). He has an immense learning of worldwide media markets, and in addition building overall dispersion channels and market infiltration procedure. Lior is an individual from senior administration and fills in as a board part and in warning parts of global media innovation firms, and was dynamic as an author and financial specialist in various organizations. He has already filled in as an author, executive, warning board part and VP business advancement at a few innovation organizations including; Vizrt (image VIZ), Kit Digital (image KITD), WIX, Unicell, Tweegee, Tvinci, Navigaya, Tradomatics, Actus Digital, LNY Media, iSOCIA, Apester and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 
+ Joel Telpner — Partner, Sullivan & Worcester LLP
Joel Telpner is a cooperate with the worldwide law office, Sullivan and Worcester LLP’s, situated in the association’s New York office. He is a prepared counsel, strategist and issue solver. Mr. Telpner brings over 30 years of lawful involvement in a profession that incorporates time as an AmLaw 100 accomplice, the previous U.S. general insight of a worldwide budgetary foundation, and a financial speculator. He is an exceptionally looked for after lawful consultant in the blockchain space, currently working with countless in organizing token disseminations. He is driving strategy activities on worldwide administrative issues for blockchain in the interest of the Global Blockchain Business Council and the Blockchain Research Institute. He is additionally an individual from the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance’s Legal Working Group, which is creating direction on best practices for ICOs. 
+ Pnina Eytan — CEO Inovgate Singapore
A business visionary with huge involvement in official administration, Eytan has a demonstrated reputation in driving universal organizations to development and incomes. She was the fellow benefactor of a few new companies and previous Head of Software Alliances at the Amdocs gathering of organizations. As a component of her work with Amdocs and Tier 1 telecom organizations, Eytan helped enroll in many organizations to different advancement focuses. Utilizing her business and innovation abilities and overall associations, particularly in Singapore, Eytan helps organizations in vital arranging and business development. 
+ Ralph Bou Nader — VP Genie-S International
Ralph Bou Nader has held influential positions in the mold and makeup businesses for about 20 years, working with organizations including Genie-S International, VF company, La Prairie Group, Diesel, L’Oreal and Sephora. He is knowledgeable about vital arranging, worldwide deals, and how to staff, guide and lead associations, while keeping up familiarity with both outside and inward focused scenes. 
+ Tal Navarro — Digital marketing advisor
Tal Navarro is a business person and computerized showcasing pioneer. She helps organizations, brands and associations adequately convey their messages to their intended interest group utilizing Social Media (informal organizations, the blogosphere, social programming, and so forth.), make mark mindfulness and utilize the social stage keeping in mind the end goal to build deals, deal with the organization online group, characterize the organization objectives from social promoting and plan a long haul technique. She is the originator of Sumo Social Media College, which has prepared several business and associations via web-based networking media. Before that, she was Head of Social Media at Adler Chomski Group/Gray Israel, one of the main promotion organizations In Israel, where her work included building advertising systems, content administration and continuous exercises for brands/organizations through web-based social networking.

Vanywhere Token

Vanywhere keeps running on the keen VANY token, which holds fast to the Ethereum ERC20 token standard. As the money utilized for installment inside the Vanywhere biological community, the token has a genuine utility and esteem. What’s more, the VANY token enables us to make another plan of action that doesn’t depend exclusively on commissions from our clients, along these lines empowering distributed exchanges with a negligible commission.

Token sale details

1 VANY = $0.05 USD
Cap: $20,000,000
Total supply : 800,000,000
Token Sale Date: Announced Soon

VANY Token Distribution

50% — Crowd
23% — Company
13% — Team — Vesting quarterly over 2 years
14% — Bounty, partners, advisors


This timeline details our funding and development achievements and goals.

Q4 2015 — Q1 2016
- Concept Roots 
- Research
Q2 2016
- Creating the User Experience and UI
Q3-Q4 2016
- iOS development 
- Product testing 
- Product optimization
Q1 2017
- Product testing 
- Product optimization 
- Raised $500,000 Seed
Q2 2017
- Crossrider Innovations accelerator
Q2-Q4 2017
- Implementing blockchain technology — Building digital wallet
Q1 2018
- Token Sale
- Beta launch (iOS)
Q2 2018
- Cross-platform development Web + Mobile
Q3-Q4 2018
- Growing the ecosystem
Q1 2019
- Inclusion of premium revenue channels based on promoted content and native advertising


Vanywhere’s Social Bounty Campaign is live! Offering an aggregate assignment of 0.5% off all “VANY” tokens. As the task moves along towards the TGE the aggregate number of tokens may shift however regardless 0.5% will in any case be assigned to the abundance crusade. The span of the battle will be from its beginning day until the finish of the TGE. The aggregate VANY abundance pool will be dispensed to the few battle pools as exhibited here. The members in each crusade will share the aggregate allotted abundance assigned for their battle as per the stakes every last one of them had gotten.

The thought behind the Vanywhere abundance battle is to pick up presentation and to get the message out about Vanywhere everywhere throughout the crypto world. In any case, take note of that we won’t endure any spamming, trolling, damaging talk, bots, different and cultivate accounts or some other wrongdoing from any abundance member and maintains whatever authority is needed to boycott and preclude members will’s identity found doing as such at any phase of the battle.

give careful consideration to the accompanying depiction of every abundance as the reward criteria differs at each crusade.

Abundance Allocation

+ Media/Article/Youtube Bounty %20 
+ Interpretation and Moderation Bounty %10 
+ Twitter and Facebook Bounty %20 
+ Group participation 10% 
+ Reddit 15% 
+ Various 25% 
+ Distribution might be change amid the crusade relies upon number of members

General Rules for all abundance members

+ You need to tail us on Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram (Bounty AND general stations). 
+ Stakes will be dispersed once, toward the finish of the ICO (may take up to 2 weeks to figure). 
+ For any inquiries with respect to the abundance crusade, you can contact Diego_Armando through PM, compose a post to this string or ask in Vanywhere abundance Telegram station (NOT when all is said in done message station). 
+ We maintain our authority to dispense with you in the event that we figure you haven’t been straightforward with your work. 
+ We maintain all authority to change abundance crusade rules.

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