Feminism needs a New Force.

Why is there so much drama between ladies? Why do we turn the tiniest thing into the WORST ever, when we don’t have to? The feminine is P-O-W-E-R! I was once afraid of my own power, drama and gossip would distract me from moving the attention inwards and see what’s going on INSIDE. Moving the awareness inwards instead of outwards (judging people and especially other women, gossiping and being disloyal to the people not present, and engaging in unnecessary, energy sucking drama.) can be very scary. It’s terrifying since we have wounds that aren’t healed yet. We are still heartbroken, haven’t dealt with an abusive father, an alcoholic mother, a backstabbing friend, assault etc. In today’s society everything moves fast and it’s hard to be in silence, which results in moving on quick — or at least we think we move on — but we bottle up. We bottle up emotions that never go away, so instead of dealing with the pain we go outwards, and what’s a better target than our fellow women? STOP for a second, feel that sensation in your stomach, what is that? FEEL it — allow the feeling to come up to the surface. In order to be happy you have to release the emotions — EMOTIONS = ENERGY IN MOTION. An emotion is your body’s way of talking to you. What does it want to say? Be brave, face whatever needs to be felt. It’s scary and therefor easier to focus on what Linda is wearing or who Linda is fucking. Let’s go inwards and heal our deep feminine wounds.

Art by Bea Taverna

So — Why are other women our easiest target? Why have we built up this belief that we have to compete with each other in order to succeed or feel worthy? When I think about the word “Feminism”, the first thing that comes to mind is THE WOUND IN THE SISTERHOOD. We can go on forever and ever, and ever about how women aren’t equal to men and how we aren’t getting payed as much and so on, and so on. I think It’s time to look at STEP ONE — The wound in the sisterhood.

As soon as a woman stands out a bit more than other women around she is immediately judged, because we’ve integrated that in order to ‘be the best’ we need to compete with other women. I can understand why we’ve felt this way throughout centuries given the way we’ve been repressed by the male- dominated world, but I can’t understand it anymore. Today there is no excuse. Most men, women, media, love to throw us against each other — it gives everyone else more power, and us women more separation and drama among each other. It is our responsibility to lift each other up and realize there is no competing with anyone except yourself. When we realize this, we are really on the path to something GREAT.

Art by Selcan Kokoz

Another step — after realizing there is no competition there is the importance of building TRUST. Women need to learn how to trust each other — we need to be loyal to the friend not present, and give our HONEST opinion. How many times have you not told Linda the honest truth about how you really feel about something. Afraid you’ll hurt Linda’s feelings. Tell her the truth, it works in the long run if she can trust you and your opinions, even if it’ll hurt her at first— TELL THE TRUTH. If you tell Linda one thing and then change your opinion and talk to another friend about it, Linda will find out — Linda always finds out, and once she does, she will never trust you again. If Linda doesn’t trust you, she’ll tell the others not to trust you, It’ll spread like the butterfly effect and suddenly all the trust between the women in the friend circle is broken — this results in lying and gossiping becoming a ‘normal thing’ — now you don’t trust any of your friends anymore.

When you see a woman that is funny, charming and very loud, instead of judging her, go talk to her, get to know her, feel inspired by her. When you feel intimidated by a woman, let it encourage you instead of feeling smaller.

Art by Bea Taverna

The truth is: The P-O-W-E-R we’d have in the sisterhood is immense if we just heal our ancient wounds with each other. THIS IS where feminism must start! Forget ‘fighting for a cause’ for a second; first we need to bring ourselves closer to each other. It’s time for feminism to become about something else — IT IS TIME FOR FEMINISM TO MOVE — let’s create a new wave of feminism! And why not start by sharing our Pussflow? Visit @pussflow on instagram! DM me for an interview — share with your fellow women. Greet and teach each other — make virtual female friends. Rule the universe with each other and LOVE!

Much Love,

ms. M.

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