Want your business to win? Decrease your average check. Yes, make it smaller!

Businesses used to obtain a client and make every dollar they could. Because they had to get a return on investments in ads, and the guy could never come back.

This gave birth to a generation of companies of the only product. They presented blockbuster product, everybody buyed it once, and then never came back. And so one of the most important metrics was average check. It meant effectiveness of how business is getting the most out of clients. The power of that metric made everything wrong — people feel when they are taken as cash cows.

I find that approach deeply harmful now. “Average check” metrics has to be remain an internal metric that tells nothing abour your market position and opportunities. You can gain from a client tremendously more, than just a few dollars.

The fact of coming to your business twice instead of once is so much beneficial in so different ways:

  • it will be easier to recall that your business exists, if he makes purchases frequently
  • he will see your shop two times (dah), which means he will see your specials twice, consider the hard purchase twice, and you will have more opportunities to start relationships
  • if the client is extravert, he will produce buzz of using your service, twice. When he plans to go buy your product, when he check-ins at your place, when he got some emotions from interaction with you
  • he will probably buy something he buys every time twice (like a coffee on a gas station)
  • and you will get a better capital turnover, eventually

So try to lower your check for your customer to come back. Make special discounts or propositions for those, who come twice a week, for example. Give something to those who come frequently, make up a present for a mayor in Foursquare.

One crazy example. If you have a coffee shop, imagine this: everyone with a watermark can get a second coffee for free. But that watermark dissappears if not refreshed for 1 week. So people rush to visit your place a few times a week just to check in and get their renewal.