How I found

Firstly, I have no idea of the existance of Medium, until I was sent here by Buffer posts. Should say I’m glad that happened as I have been looking for blogging platform other that Blogger and Wordpress, I got tired of the former and can’t be bothered to learn technicality of the latter. So let see if Medium satisfy my needs.


Just a little about me, I’m kind of a fresh graduate from Heriot-Watt Uni. Malaysia in Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering. Prior to that I had worked in Schlumberger as a Mud Logging Analyst.

My ultimate goal was to be an influential Geologist in the Oil and Gas industry. However, since the oil price not doing so great, I figured that this is THE opportunity for me to dive in another industry that I have been admiring, technology and startups. In a week time, I will be working as an intern in a Malaysian local start-up company, NeonRunner. I am excited to help them and learn as much as possible.

Goodbye for now.

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