Getting Started gRPC in Dart

Ardiansyah Putra

gRPC, the modern, lightweight communication protocol from Google. It’s a high-performance, open-source universal remote procedure call (RPC) framework that works across a dozen languages running in any OS.

Install Protocol Buffers v3

  1. Download protoc compiler from Github for your OS (protoc-<version>-<os>.zip)
  2. Unzip the resource and add its directory into environment PATH, for example in ~/.bash_profile append line export PATH=”$PATH:/Users/putraxor/Dev/protoc-3.6.1-osx-x86_64/bin”
  3. Next, install the protoc plugin for Dart
    pub global activate protoc_plugin
  4. Add protocol compiler to your PATH
    export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.pub-cache/bin
  5. Try to generate stubs from this repository

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