Jump of Faith


"Oh my God, oh my God, I did it.." Alex shouted with disbelief. It was undoubtfully the bravest moment of his life.

"Alex, I - I’m so sorry," I said. My palms were sweating. I just couldn’t do what he just did. "I can’t," I said desperately.

"Yes you can George. What you gonna do if you don’t jump? Starve to death?"

"I think it’s better that way,"

"Yeah? We came here together so I say, we, get out of here, together too. And what about your mother? What am I gonna say to her? Her son choose to waste his life?!"

"Okay, okay. I’ll jump," me, too, couldn’t believe what I just said but that son of a bgjfh was right. If I didn’t jump, I was just going to die for nothing, and that, dude, is not the reason why my mother raise me.

Okay. I jump. The clock seems to be ticking unbelievably slow. Please God, please save me. Please get me to the other side. If I don’t, oh no no no no, I can’t even imagine how much pain I’m going to suffer, because Alex said that the floor is lava.

p.s. I successfully jumped to the bigger sofa where Alex had been waiting for me. (He almost died because of the boredom he bear)

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