first thing first… blah

Hello world! I must say I’ve lost count of how many blogs I’ve made in the past. Always forget to remember the passwords from each of the blog. So, here I am with the newest one, clearly abandon them all (such an alay — lol). As I recall, I do have couple of blogspots and wordpress, still take a look at them in my leisure time to remind me of how much an ababil I was back then… still (?)

From this very first post, I will use English to write down the whole thing. Purely cause I want to train my English skill in writing, so don’t change yourself into a grammar Nazi when you happen to read my post and found mistakes here and there. Learning by doing, they said. Another reason is because I feel like more comfortable using English for my writing though. Just a so so English, not the advance one, but yeaaah worth to try.

For the past couple of years I’ve tried out doing a couple of different things. I do love books! Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, Percy Jackson pentalogy, chicklits, books of self help, book that have a cover, book don’t have cover, book that so light, book that so heavy, book which have pictures, book which don’t have picture, book of secret… any book. So that’s why I always consider myself — self-proclaim, a person who have an unlimited imagination, and writing may be a good idea to do. For living. Lol— like seriously. But, that thing, I mean writing is kinda difficult, for real. So, job: writer. Scratch that.

Then, I’ve tried dancing, singing, kempo, etc… zero. By the way, I have once, winning a traditional dancing competition back then when I was like 10th, and I am kinda proud of it, hehe. Sort of my childhood pride. But, even I was quite good at traditional dancing at the moment, I chose to leave.

Now, I am rising computer science senior at Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia. Always give me a goosebump when I think about “senior year” anyway. Oh my God, such a vital year. Undergraduate student. Well, I’ve been studying French for awhile, but still jumble up on the pronunciation, can’t even get my French grammar correct. I like reading, watching movie and series, learning about the most random and trivial subjects. I like Liverpool Football Club so much! Liverpudlian since 2004.

Oh, the name’s Putri Mayang. Simply call me Em.

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