These people are the worst

There are 3 types of human beings that i hate the most.

  1. Fakey fakey
    There’s a reason on why this type stands in numero uno on the list. We humans don’t like uncertainty—we feel queasy where there is one, especially when it’s all about what people really think about us. Imagine if your bff said that she loves your makeup because “it is so... shocking!” (WTF bitch, just tell me that my face looks like an oil tank). Fake people are the worst because you can’t really tell if what they’re saying is true or merely bluffing. Do they really have that accent? Do you really think i’d believe that you actually care about the environment when all you did was Instagramming a #selfie during a eco-social event? Nah.
  2. Negative people (sometimes covering themselves as being “pragmatic”, “realistic”, “ rational”, “just being me”, “just sayin’”, “my upbringing”, “blame my family”, “whatever”, etc.)
    No really, it’s not that i can’t handle critics—i can, as long as it is constructive. But there’s always this one person who thinks that either we should just stay ‘low’ (‘cos dreams are made to vanish into thin air), or nothing is good enough for them (the results: they end up doing the ordinary because their goal is too high to attain with their current skills). They also like to talk about other people’s negative qualities. You know, like “her eyes are weird”.
  3. “Me” people
    For these people, the world only consists of 3 ecologies: Me, Myself, and I. Sometimes i do want to know how people are doing with their lives. Other times i don’t. What’s worst is when you meet a rare species (they are duplicating in numbers, though) of this type who keeps pulling the conversation to come back to—you guess it—themselves.
    Exhibit A
    Poor You: “Hey i want to tell you something. I got in to the next step of X Marketing Competition. There’s this one guy in my team who acts like a douche, though. What do you think i should do?”
    Me Me Me: “That’s how you’re doing there? Well that’s definitely not what i’m seeing here right now in Bali. Like, all the people here are so nice and they like to help each other—i mean, i haven’t seen any person acting like what you mentioned earlier. I want to move here!”
    Yeah. Okay. I get it. Your life is pretty awesome but i think i was asking you a question.. Never mind.

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