Some people cannot handle this Arabic version of “Hello”

One night my parents come home and I greeted them “Assalamualaikum”. My dad raised his eyebrows without saying anything and leave me alone while my mom start to angry.

Assalamualaikum is just a ‘Hello’ in Arabic. Which accidentally associated with Muslims. It even had better and deeper meaning “may peace just unto you” Just like Shalom, Om Swastiastu, etc.

Assalamualaikum is just a ‘Hello’ in Arabic.

So I guess, I’m not crossing any lines. Oh maybe just because we aren’t Muslim nor Arab? Then I shouldn’t learn and practice Arabic? Even Arabic is one of the official language of United Nations?

She said I shouldn’t use that as a greetings. It’s not our greeting, she add. I grew believing that using Assalamualaikum / Shalom as greetings is not, right.

Will they blame me for greeted them in French or Corsican? Or maybe they will be furious if I greeted them in Quenchua (?)

Well, mama, papa, and other future parents open your mind a bit.

Sincerely, a boy who loves to exaggerate unimportant things.

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