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How Good is your Good?

One fine evening, I spend a time before sleep scrolling trough Facebook feed, and suddenly I found an ‘interesting post’. A post by a millennials about how he disagree ‘Bela Negara’ , a government program to encourage young Indonesian who lived/worked aboard to go back to ‘Tanah Air’ for supplying the country with skilled workforce.

The highlight part was “you think I can hidup selayaknya manusia with 3–5 million rupiahs salary/months (227 — 379 US Dollar). Think! How can I afford to pay this bill that bill those bill bla bla” said an unmarried millennials on his early twenties (judging by his photos).

As a human with salary ranging on said number for a year long, I start questioning my existence as a human being.

“Everyone need to satisfy themselves with a good quality of life…” I see on very bottom of the post.

Now I understand, you think said numbers can’t afford a good quality of life.

Good quality of life? How good is your good? Don’t you know that good is intangible, doesn’t have an exact measurement unit. It varied, depends on the individual standard and LYFEstyle.

With said numbers of salary, I flied to Japan for a week last autumn, already planned to wander around SE Asia later this year, fly home with Indonesian five star airline three times a year, afford an iPhone, renting a good roof, eat good three times a day and sleep above an IKEA bed linen. Still not a good quality of life you said? or not “hidup selayaknya manusia?”

I know, I didn’t earn much (yet), but I do satisfy myself. Surround myself with bells and whistles, not all the time, but I do.


By SORTING MY PRIORITIES in order and skipping unimportant lifestyle gimmick. You don’t need an economy degree to do that. I don’t care people said that I’m on economical diet or what the fuck they name it, I sorted my priority.

Maybe our definition of good life is different, but I disagree with you when you said we can’t life selayaknya manusia with 3–5 million rupiahs a month. I know a lot of people who do.

Judging by your instagram. The problem here is, your definition of good is high, your lifestyle is too grand and you can’t tame material beast inside you.

Idk how much you earn now, how much do you want and idk how advanced is your skill. It’s not a rocket science, if you think your skill and your salary aren’t meet, you can ask for a raise. If you don’t like how your Indonesian boss treat you, why don’t you just resign, find a better company OR open up a new venture? It help more people (yourself included) than complaining to the 3rd world country government on social media.

You have right to disagree with government, but before complaining, do a research, use proper language, act like a scholar not an asshole. I noticed you’ve been studying around Europe, but the way you think is like someone who didn’t.

Leave our beloved motherland alone, we don’t need you.

Sincerely, a not-that-desperate human with entry-level wage.

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