A few words on pain

Pain is an unwanted house guest that may stay forever. You never know. It morphs into different forms and locks itself in with you. First it holds you hostage but after a while you accepts its presence. You can’t see around it. pain is a wall. You hide behind it. It muffles your words when you’re hurting. Pain is a veil, and no one can see you. Pain is a companion that you carry with you. Pain is a cloak you wrap around yourself in cold weather. And you keep going and going. Sometimes pain has the answers, it can tell you what matters. It doesn’t have the answer to all of your questions. But “is it worth it?” sure comes up a lot. And you listen to pain most days, because it’s the only voice in the room.

But when the pain is gone you are free to do almost anything. Except the things that make pain visit again. But for me pain is mostly a random visitor, and I am never prepared to greet her.

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