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Hi Emriam!

Sorry for the slow response! I don’t get over to Medium as much as a lot of other people, and I have been running around as best I can the past two days trying to get things done when I feel well.

I really appreciated your response but to be honest, I can’t make YOU do the homework for all of that stuff — especially with the special diet list, it’s just insane the foods I can’t eat anymore(other health conditions beside the brain: intercystial cystitis, Hashimotos disease (nio gluten!) , food sensitivities like sulfites)

I literally sat down to answer your questions and ended up with quite a puzzle! And I decided — my God, I can’t post all of this on Medium and the answers to your questions became like a homework assignment!

So thank you so much for your response. I honestly need to work on this list myself. Right now, I only had been concentrating on what juices I can have (100% juice, pear juice, non-citrus juices, no cherries!) but I now have a long list of other things I’m sensitive to and I am almost at my goal of completely gluten-free. I need to start making my own lunch. I need to avoid a long list of fruits including tomatos. I have to eat low-sodium everything (I also have a heart defect, it’s just nuts) and I can’t really eat anything processed anymore. That’s what you get when you grew up on Microwave meals and Kraft foods — your body crashes like an old Windows computer.

So as far as the clean food journey, I am probably at least halfway there, simply because I can’t eat almost anything in the center of the grocery store. :-)

I am very lucky — I have access to a farmer’s market and a coop.

When I have time I will let you know how it goes. Shortly I am taking buses all over town to get a cashier’s check and then take my taxes to the post office. :-) My MRI on Sunday was awful and gave me face pain attacks and then I spent Sunday drugged on Valium the rest of the time. So yesterday was working and trying to catch up on chores.

Thanks for your response, and sorry if I was snippy sounding. I can never read nuance into what people are saying anymore. On Medium people start conversations and that’s kind of cool.


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