The Most Famous Neighbor in America is a Media Darling, and that’s Why “The Media” Sucks Ass
Ezinne Ukoha

Hi. I’ve been reading your work on here for a short while and I really appreciate your point of view and your work.

I didn’t know who you were talking about at all in this piece and I was just wondering if maybe, in the future, you could make it more apparent what pop culture moment you were referencing at the beginning.

That’s all. Just maybe a recap at the beginning would have been helpful.

I didn’t know what viral sensations you were talking about and had to Google it because I’d missed it.(The Asian nanny thing sounded vaguely familiar but this lady at the Climate Justice party I was completely unfaimliar with.)

I spend a lot of time in hospitals, and sometimes I miss a whole news cycle due to “blinking” for a moment (i.e. being sick for a day), then it’s a new news day. These dumb viral assholes really are gone from the public eye within a day or so.

This is not a criticism of your writing! I know it’s Medium, and the writing is often casual, but I had no frame of reference and had to go looking to find out more about the lady in the fur coat. And 9 months from now, if people stumble across this piece, they may not, either.

That’s all. Much love & Peace to you. ❤

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