Stop Yelling About What Poor People Eat
Chris Newman

I have found myself poor and on food stamps (again) due to a disability/medical condition, but our local farmer’s market DOUBLES what’s on your food stamps. That being said, I only learned about healthy foods really when it was “too late” — my health has paid for it. It’s not just about what’s cheap — it’s also about what is EASY to cook. When you are working at a dead-end job, you need to be able to microwave some food for that half hour (or less) lunch break and when you come home, it’s exhausting to cook.

I had a friend with 3 kids who used EBT as well, and for her, with a child who had lupus as well, there was NEVER enough time to sit down and create a meal from scratch.

I don’t know what the solution is. I am pretty much disabled right now, so I have time to set up a crock pot meal and chop veggies if I want to. But most people using EBT don’t have that time on their hands.

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