What kinds of nightmares do you have these days?

I don’t dream about much else lately.

My night brain sees calamities — both man-made and natural disasters, at night when I hit REM sleep. The other night I dreamed that we had to get out of the city (DC) and run for our lives. The house was destroyed and me and my BF went around, trying to find identity items and maybe food to take on the trip. Somewhere in the dream, my boyfriend disappeared and I frantically grabbed my four pound cat and put her in the gym bag. Then began to cry, as I realize our 17 pound cat must be left behind. Then the sky turned dark, and I realized it was time to start running for our lives.

All of my dreams are the end of the world. Maybe it’s because of Donald Trump running for President. Maybe it’s because my health is starting to make me think BIG SCARY THOUGHTS about the purpose of everything. Maybe it’s the PTSD or the bad storms from global warming trying to rip the roof off our home.

I always wake up at the end of these dreams, heart pounding.

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