happy new yar 2018

hiya! 👋

i haven’t been on medium in a long long long long long long long long long time

it’s currently 10:50pm on Sunday December 31, 2017, so we’re about to enter 2018 in like an hour. that’s crazy.

the reason i decided to hop back onto this site is because i wanted to document my new years resolution goals. hopefully by writing them down i’ll feel guilty in like two weeks about not following through with them and hop back on track

this is also actually my first time physically noting my new years resolution so we’ll see how this plays out

ok here are 3 new years resolutions

  1. be a healthy human being (shocking)

i just spent an hour and a half trying to find a good fitness trainer app to help me stay on track. and learning some basic stuff about having a healthy diet.

it was a very thorough and complicated process. this is what i did:

surprisingly, this actually took me a very long time. after reading through blogs from the search results, a lot of recommended apps require subscriptions and only offered free trials.

i eventually ended up finding and downloading the following three which are free (so far):

Johnson and Johnson 7 minute workout: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/j-j-official-7-minute-workout/id784797900?mt=8

Nike Training club: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/nike-training-club/id301521403?mt=8

Lifesum (i’m just gonna use the free tier for now and see what happens): https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lifesum-diet-health-tracker/id286906691?mt=8

by the end of this year, i want to:

  • get into a consistent routine, starting with the 7 minute workout app and then hopefully regularly to the gym
  • be able to comfortably run 3–5 miles

2. learn more fundamentals of development/industry SWE

i feel like my experience as an aspiring software engineer has been fun but also a bit of a jumbled mess. the best way to learn development (as many people recommend) is to get down n’ dirty by trying to build stuff, so you can learn hands on.

i think this method has proved to be engaging and generally helpful for picking up new things. but i feel like it’s also created gaps in my knowledge — it’s created a need-to-know relationship.

a very basic example — if i’m trying to build an API endpoint and all i need to know about Flask is how to route stuff using @app.route, then that’s all i will learn. if i happen to not be particularly curious about what that @ symbol syntax means in @app.route, i would never bother learning what decorators are in Python (until maybe later on).

me this past summer learning about stuff in Python i never knew about

i want to go through some of Udacity courses to hopefully learn brand new things or just learn things that i might’ve been ignorant about before:

3. make more vlargs

i’ve been making vlogs on and off in my free time. i think they’re a lot of fun to make cause it can document and capture moments in time so vividly.

it’s just hard to find the time to make them, especially this past fall and the upcoming spring semester. i’m trying to cram a lot of CS classes these few semesters to get a joint BA/MS degree.

but hopefully i’ll find the time to document and capture these fun times

i probably have some more minor resolutions to add but these were the big key ones. i’m gonna go watch the new years ball drop and maybe come back to this later

happy new years y’all!!

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