A Mystery App

A new game called “Shadows — The Impossible” has been added to the google play store. The games has a very simple layout and not that many fancy graphics or animations. The game is still relatively new and the puzzles are quite challenging. The game contains various riddles and puzzles that people have to solve in order to advance further.

The puzzles cover a wide array of topics and subjects which makes the game entertaining as well as educational. The game contains regular challenges and an ultimate challenge; however so far no one has ever been able to solve the ultimate challenge. As users go through this game they can notice a few irregularities such as the design, the name, and the structure of the puzzles. The purpose behind the puzzles is unclear and ambiguous. The Ultimate challenge remains yet to be solved and may unlock some of the answers. Some speculate that the game itself is a clue to a bigger puzzle. However, until all the puzzles have been solved no one will know for sure.

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