Why should you forget your investment in TEZOS?

I see many posts related to TEZOS recently. Usually, I do not speak on a controversial topic. They are made only for publicity. Why would you invest when someone is asking for a donation? Simple common sense.

Now, people are crying out what happened from the case. We do not know the story at all. Money and Greed go hand in hand. The simple statistics of 74% failure of startup applies in cryptocurrency space.

Look at the study:


It is going to take some time for naive investors to understand what they are doing. Invest in the live project instead of plans is always a sound advice. Any other information to the retail investor is a bad idea. Look at the https://www.crowdcube.com/

They state the risk warning on their site. Please take this risk warning seriously. Starting a business out is hard work and will stay so for many years. Don’t be fooled by good people promising big things. Look at the history; you will find out numerous scams in finance.

Back to Tezos case, as of now, nothing has happened. In a worst case, scenario, the investor will lose all their money. Any VC knows the odds of success of this kind of investment. Write it off!

Investing in a startup is a speculation whether it is an ICO or real life startup. Investors need to be responsible for their decision. I would highly suggest to donors of Tezos to forget about their donation and focus on bitcoin price rally.

Learn from your mistake and next time do not participate in an ICO without understanding their legal structure. Remember, failure of projects is imminent in blockchain world. Stats will play out as always.

Play the odds, not the startup. If you have a diversified portfolio, you will have gained the loss from bitcoin alone. So, why cry for a small loss of fortune.

I always suggest investor take advice from senior VC people before investing. They are playing the game much longer than one year. The odds of failure and investment strategy has not changed. Just the playing field has leveled for everyone. It only means suitable for bigger dogs as they can offload anytime they wish.

I am not against any ICO or fundraising. I am big time supporter of sound investment in the world of blockchain space. It is in the hand of people to control not the government over here. Some common sense and logic will help us to sail through this waters smoothly.