Why PVC insulating mats are better than Rubber mats for safety from high-voltage

Every industry that is utilizing electricity and high voltage equipment needs to be assuring of their employee’s safety at the workplace. It is their prime duty to look after the well-being of their workers and employees and give them a safe working environment. Relating to this, Electromat Insulating Mat is a viable source to make your workplace more secure and hence guarantee that there a sound and safe surroundings are offered to them. With the help of these insulating mats, you can easily retain your location from causing harm to the employees. These mats will help you in reducing the resources of accidents like high voltage and electric current. These mats are generally manufactured by different materials and are commonly produced by using Rubber or Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC for short). Although Rubber mats have their own significance but when it comes to offering insulation, they cannot beat PVC mats.

If we talk about PVC insulation mats then you will find that they have a higher insulation resistance of 1000000 megaOhm with 500-volt meggar whereas rubber mats have a poor resistance to insulation. One cannot use Rubber mats under leakage current as they are unsafe to use theirs. On the other hand, PVC insulation mats are 100% shock proof with 10mA leakage current. Rubber mats are prone to fire and encourage it but PVC mats are fire retardant and save your premises in case of fire. There are a lot many other benefits which these PVC matting solutions offer to you like they do not have any effect of transformer oil, acids, alkalis and diesel on the surface. These mats have a high dielectric strength and can withstand a high breakdown voltage. Rubber mats absorb moisture and can cause trouble to employees but PVC matting solutions are moisture absorbent and hence support your employees.

So, if you also think that staff safety is an important ingredient of your achievement then you must go with PVC mats. You can use these matting solutions in the areas exactly where the need for insulation against electric shocks and a high voltage is required. Apart from the fundamental application of these mats, they also have help employees to stand for a prolonged period without getting stressed. That being said, if you are anticipating purchasing these mats then you can connect with Marvel Vinyls. They are the top notch manufacturer and supplier of PVC mats that offer high-quality products at a reasonable price.

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