PVCAD 10.0 Release!

New features:

Model 1-Axis & 2-Axis Trackers w/ PVWatts
IronRidge Residential Sloped Roof System Layout & BOM
Polar Racking Flat & Sloped Roof Systems Layout & BOM
Unirac Flat Roof Systems Layout
PanelClaw/First Solar Flat Roof System Layout
SunPower Helix Flat Roof Systems Layout

Single and Dual Axis Trackers

Model 1-Axis & 2-Axis Trackers in PVCAD! PVCAD now has the option to model energy production using either the PVWatts or the System Advisory Model (SAM) production model. You can choose which option in the ‘Settings’ window in the PVCAD ribbon.

Using PVCAD in PVWatts mode, you can easily create tracker layouts and see hourly and monthly production data in the ‘Energy Simulation’ report.

Ironridge Flushmount Mounting System Layout & BOM

Now you are able to design an Ironridge Sloped Roof system using their Flushmount Mounting System. Using our Smart BOM, visualize attachments, rails, and splices and get a full engineering report and bill of materials by clicking ‘Export BOM’ in the PVCAD ribbon.

Polar Racking PRG, PR2, and PRR Racking Layout & BOM

On the ‘Mechanical Tab,’ you are able to create layouts using the Polar Racking PRG and PR2 Flat Roof Mounting Systems as well as the PRR Sloped Roof Mounting System. You can also create a detailed racking Bill of Materials (BOM) by clicking the ‘Export BOM’ button in the PVCAD Ribbon.

Unirac RM-5, RM-10, and RM-Dual Tilt Mounting Systems Layout

Now you can design with Unirac’s Flat Roof Mounting Systems! On the ‘Mechanical Tab,’ you have all choices of their Flat Roof options, including the RM-5, RM-10 and RM-DT mounting systems.

SunPower, First Solar and Panel Claw Layouts

PanelClaw has worked with First Solar to release a racking solution for mounting First Solar modules on flat roofs and it is now in PVCAD for you to design with along with the standard Panel Claw options! We have also added the SunPower Helix Flat Roof system, both single tilt and dual tilt options are available.

PVCAD Stand Alone (Does not require AutoCAD)
PVCAD Plug-In for AutoCAD 2013 or 2014
PVCAD Plug-In for AutoCAD 2015 or Newer

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