What Is Noc?(Network Operations Center)

Feb 13, 2018 · 1 min read

The Network Operations Center (NOC) provides a comprehensive element of any organization that uses any type of networking system. An organization may use internal staff or subcontract its Network Operations Center (NOC).

Network Operations Center (NOC):
A Network Operations Center (NOC) hosts the team and staff to monitor the Internet of computers, mobile devices and devices, also known as smart devices. It also includes telecommunications and satellite management. The latest inclusion in military business and GIS and remote sensing is common. Some companies operate multiple network operation centers (NOCs). Everyone can monitor the redundancy of the same network, if everyone is able to monitor a portion of the large network (if not). Business Types, Government Agencies, Public Services and Universities: Network Types Centers (NOCs) operate a number of organizations. Any size network, which is two or more computers, requires network monitoring by the company that created it.

What is Network Operations Center?

A brief history of the First Network Operations Center (NOC)
Network Operations Centers (NOCs) were originally a feature of the business in the 1960s. AT & T found in New York in 1962. Real-time routing and change your key call switches information. The company was updated and moved to New Jersey in 1977.

Historically, humans monitor all systems in the Network Operations Center (NOC). Now, automated software oversees many aspects. This modernization focused on human engineers solving the problem of optimizing the network. In an emergency situation, the monitoring software provides data to the engineer who helps network controversy.


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