The Caucasian Invasion Of Racial Justice Spaces
The DiDi Delgado

You lost me as soon as you said a movie was trash — but that you hadn’t actually watched it. Your article contains many other unsupported assertions and sweeping generalizations. They may resonate with your readership — many of them do with me, too — but I prefer to encounter material that provides evidence for its polemics and gives all human beings and groups some credit for at least occasional good will. I don’t see the world in quite the Manichaean terms that you used in this piece. In my view, saying that any and all non-POC would-be supporters of an anti-racist agenda deserve to be uncomfortable because the victims of racism are uncomfortable doesn’t help either the would-be supporters or the victims.

In one of your other writings, you made this thoughtful and charitable comment about yourself and your partner:

“We are a team. This means we actively resist the ways this world wants to prioritize him and render me small.”

I sense in the article above that you consider it impossible to be part of a team, active or otherwise, with anyone except people who experience the same degree of oppression that you do. Perhaps that’s the way you see things and expect them to remain; I hope for everyone’s sake it isn’t.

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