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Ritsurin Garden, Takamatsu (All rights reserved)

Prototyping with real data

A few years ago, Josh Puckett wrote a stellar article about his future vision for modern design tools and how they could incorporate real data. A lot of improvements have been made to our design tools but there are still so many possibilities. Easily tapping into live data without the need for code remains the Holy Grail. But he argues: ‘Working with real data is as much about a mental shift in our thinking as it is having better tools’. And that’s what I will look at in the second part of this series.

Once we have our conceptual design…

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Photo by Ken Yam on Unsplash

Gathering data for your design project

This is not the millionth article that will tell you to base your UX decisions on an obscure combination of metrics. Data-driven can be taken quite literally: using real data in the design process from start to finish. This is an overview of where we are now and what lies ahead. In part 1 of this series we’ll look at how you can gather data.

I’ve recently worked on several data-heavy web applications in aviation at Namahn. …

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While working on a recent project I was struggling with optimizing the readability of the content in the interface. The product is a safety-critical interface used in aviation with lots of codes in small sizes. Good readability is crucial to make sure the users can do their job well and with as little fatigue as possible.

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Kunsthøgskolen, Oslo (Peter Vermaercke)

At this year’s KIKK festival I heard some of the best and upcoming agencies explain what they do and how they do it. This is their advice.

Haven’t heard of KIKK festival yet? It’s Belgium’s best-kept-secret: a festival bridging art and design based in Namur, Belgium. And yes, you should definitely attend next year. This year’s lineup includes designers, artists, researchers and agencies like Tobias van Schneider, Anton & Irene,, HUGE, Joanie Lemercier, LAb[au], Golan Levin, Niklas Roy, Daniel Leithinger and many others. Last year’s conference had Jessica Walsh present how they work at Sagmeister & Walsh.


Your current car’s UX is an afterthought. But there’s hope: these 5 trends will shape the future of car UX.

Face it, your car’s User Experience (UX) is an afterthought. Whether you’re driving a €200.000 Ferrari or a classic family car, the in-car UX will be equally bad. Manufacturers spend their marketing budgets on aligning the models with the brand. They all tell tales of empowerment but the actual in-car UX feels quite the opposite nowadays. Geoff Teehan already wrote about in-car UX failures in his witty State of In-car UX. But there’s hope! In this article I highlight 5 of the big trends that push the car UX forward.

  1. UX as USP —…


Product designer at Namahn

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