The impact of weather on Human activity

The US East coast got his fair share of winter weather in January and February of this year. The daily activity of Human users gives some interesting insights into the impact of heavy winter weather on daily routines. We analyzed 1.9M activities in Boston & NYC to see the impact of weather on Human activity.

The average Human user in NYC is active 67 minutes per day, which includes every walk, run, bike-ride and indoor activity. They spend another 17.8 minutes in motorized transport. On an average day users in NYC travel about 5.3 miles (8.5km) in their city, which includes an impressive 1.3 miles (2.1 km) of walking.

During winter storms on days like January 18, January 27, and February 15 the average daily Human activity in NYC took a deep plunge. Both temperature and snowfall have a visible impact on daily activity.

In Boston the average Human user is active for 60 minutes per day, which is about 7 minutes less than their peers in NYC. They spent about 22.8 minutes in a car or public transport, walk 23.9 minutes and are 33.5 minutes active indoors. Bostonites with Human walk a mile (1.6km) per day and travel about 5.9 miles on an average day.

How much does the cold and snow slow you down? The average Human user in Boston walked about 2.5mph (4.0km/h) in January and February. During the winter storms on January 27, February 8, and February 15 the average walking pace of our users in Boston was about 10% slower.

Since our launch 18 months ago Human users tracked half a billion bike rides, runs, walks, and other activity. On an average day our users track 3M activities. We use anonymized data to learn about Human activity, to improve our product, and create an environment that inspires activity.

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