Graphic Design Homework


In the first video, there is a meeting going on. The two women want something done that they think is possible but it is not. There is a lack of communication going on when the engineer suggests ideas that the others don’t understand or deny. They are all frustrated and getting upset with one another.

I think there tends to be a lot of miscommunication between my parents and I because we are from different generations, therefore we do not completely understand each other all the time. We have different points of view and do not see eye to eye on a lot of issues.

Miscommunication is caused by many different factors. In my opinion this tends to happen when the situation is stressful usually when there is a lot at stake and they feel pressure. This causes the people involved to be stressed and anxious and they might feel threatened. I think miscommunication tends to happen when people do not make an effort to understand one another’s perspective. The people involved might not want to admit that they could be wrong and refuse to listen to what other people have to say. This is pretty common when it comes to group projects. Although all the people involved might have the same end goal they have different ideas on how to get there. Many people do not know how to collaborate ideas with one another and think they have to pick just one persons idea. I think all people involved have to be open-minded and calm to have good communication.

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