2/12/18 PVPChain Weekly Progress Report

Dec 3, 2018 · 2 min read

PVPChain project has received a lot of attention since its release. Thanks to everyone who stands by PVPChain.

Currently the project is proceeding steadily as scheduled. Please read the progress last week.

#PVPChain Weekly Progress Report (11/11/18–2/12/18):

Product Operation

  1. The prediction business is being implemented, the trust problem solution, the progress 80%;
  2. The initial framework of the PVPToken business, the preliminary cooperation intention of Korean partners, the progress 60%;
  3. PVP team was invited to participate in the 2018 IEF (International E-sports Carnival) Global Finals in Jeju Island, South Korea;
  4. PVP co-founder Shen Jian accepted an interview with Consumer TV in South Korea, and the report will be broadcast on several TV stations recently;
  5. In-depth communication with Chainers in Seoul to clarify project positioning and advantages;
  6. Update of business model and competitor analysis in official website, the progress 30%
  7. As for the download of the latest DAPP version (mobile), please click on the following address, r/http://pvp.io/appdownload.html

Community Operation

  1. The global communities: in total 21,643 people. Telegraph group address, r/https://t.me/PVPChain;
  2. The number of WeChat groups reached 13 and the group members increased to 2,432;
  3. 13 competitions were held this week with 618participants;
  4. The number of Sina Weibo follower reached 1,164.
  5. The English version of weekly progress report and news has been synced to Medium.
  6. The group chat of Kakao has been established.

Thank you for viewing. PVPChain releases the Weekly Progress Report every Sunday night; stay tuned.

PVPChain Global Community

Welcome to join:

『WeChat Subscription』:PVPChain
『Telegram(Global)』: r/https://t.me/joinchat/FU6caxKB6EvCjSE2I0hCXQ





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