PVPChain Founder Leo Zeng is selected in 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 China List!UZI, BurNIng and other excellent e-sports players are on the list

Nov 19, 2018 · 4 min read

On August 2, Forbes China announced the 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 China list. This is the sixth time Forbes China has launched the list, covering 20 areas including finance, science, game, education, retail, e-commerce, etc. The jury consisting of the industry’s big names comprehensively evaluate the candidates based on the achievements and social contributions in the certain fields. The elites selected in each industry have shown great influence on the industry, have given rise to powerful challenges and innovations to old traditions. Forbes China comments: “While they increase social work opportunities and promote economic development, they are also changing China’s economic life and enhancing China’s global influence.”

This time Leo Zeng, PVPChain founder, is selected in the 30 Under 30 Game Field List. UZI, BurNIng, MEIKO, Misaya and many top e-sports players are on the list, as well as Hawkao, Miss and some famous game commentaries.

The list almost includes the people in the field of e-sports games in China. Among them, BurNIng, DOTA2 professional player, is regarded as the world’s best carry, with fans all over the world; UZI, League of Legends professional player, led the team to win the MSI and Rift Rivals, known as the world’s best AD. As the first batch of domestic practitioners in the e-sports industry, Leo Zeng focuses on promoting the standardization, regularization and sportization of the e-sports. He is known as the pioneer of the Chinese e-sports industry.

Before founding PVPChain, Leo Zeng has established Wangjing Tech, serving as Chairman of Hangzhou Xiacheng District E-Sports Association, Expert of compiling China’s National E-Sports Stadium Construction Standards and Director of National E-Sports Industrial Alliance Council. At the same time he released the world’s first E-Sports Stadium Construction Standards in collaboration with China Sports Venue Association, led the launching of China E-Sports Town and opened the first standard E-Sports College in China. His company, Wangjing Tech is the leading e-sports integrated services operator in China. After more than three years of development, the business has covered brand event operations, event information automation product development, event execution services, e-sports education, e-sports town, chain cyber bars, mobile live streaming platforms, star brokers, etc.

What he is doing now is to “subvert” the industry that he loves deep in heart. He believes that the early e-sports 1.0 era, which is dominated by e-sports enthusiasts, has already evolved into a game-oriented e-sports 2.0 era. The first problem is the centralization of e-sports, while the top e-sports events are completely controlled by game operators. The second problem is the issue of players’ rights and interests, such as the arrears of wages and bonus, the unguaranteed labor rights and other common related occurrences. Meanwhile there are some problems including the difficulties in the circulation of e-sports assets, the missing of event data, etc. Thus, Leo Zeng founded PVPChain to solve the pain existing in the traditional e-sports industry.

PVPChain is a global e-sports chain, adopting the DPOS consensus mechanism, an “Input” credit blockchain that relies on the multi-mode oracle. With high concurrency, developer friendliness and game data market pricing, PVPChain is committed to building a global e-sports competition ecosystem. PVPChain builds the operation system of the e-sports competition, links and cooperates with the participants in the core market and the derivative market (including game manufacturers, event sponsors, leagues, clubs, venues, live streaming, education, guess) by launching the event crowdfunding and creating the tournament on the chain, linking event data, multi-asset data and building a crowdfunding service system and a decentralized event operation service system based on credible e-sports event on the public chain. Currently PVPChain is proceeding steadily. Leo Zeng hopes that PVPChain, similar to the fire of Prometheus, will bring the revolution to the e-sports industry and re-build an event-oriented e-sports ecosystem. He insists that entrepreneurship is just like competition, a belief that the silicon-based world will never fade.


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