How Beta Page Helped My Product

I created a product online with my friend, it is called Custom Markup. This product was a developer tool. In the developer world, it is difficult to get people to notice your projects. I try posting it on social media, Hacker News, and Reddit. I got a few visitors, but then it all just stopped, I then had to post it again. I thought that this was a real pain, that I have to post it on social media over, and over, and over again just to get views. I then started searching for new ways. I then found Beta Page.

From BetaPage twitter.

I then went ahead and signed up because I thought, well, I have done many other things and they don’t work, maybe I will give this a try. I then clicked the button that says, “Submit”. I filled out all of the areas in a way that I was able to give people about information about my page. It was then on Beta Page. I waited for a little bit of time for people to see it. I waited one day, then the next. I started thinking that this wasn’t going to work and I would have to find something else online. But then, I checked back the next day, I got 56 likes! I was so excited (I am only 12). I jumped out of my seat while I was in class and ran to the other side of the room and then sat back down again. It was so exciting! This meant that my product had gotten a lot of views! Sure enough it did! I checked my google analytics for my site, and I had over 3000 views! My product was also listed on the featured section of the site! Mainly, all that Beta Page did for me was give me success. I recommend that you try it to! Thank you for reading this and I hope that your product gets popular to.

By, Talon Bragg

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