5 Films that will Inspire you to Visit India

As Seneca, the great Roman Stoic said: “Travel and change of place impart new vigour to your mind.” You just need a little push to move away from your sofas and work to decide to go on a trip. This push can be a book for few people, a movie for some, and pictures or quotes for others. But you have movies — a medium which is mind-expanding and a visual retreat to watch and understand. So if you can’t go to places, the next best thing is to experience these places through a movie. When you travel to discover yourself with the nature, the beautiful bike ride through snow capped Himalayan mountains, the breathtaking valleys on one side and crystal clear rivers on the other, get a panoramic view and feel of furious Brahmaputra river, mouth watering flavours of 29 states, raining monsoons against shining sun and abode of spiritual and mental ecstasy. When you blend in yourself with the five elements of nature, you are sure to awaken your conscious.

If you have been fortunate enough to visit India at least once in your lifetime, you would have noticed the vastness of cultures, traditions, practices, heritage and exotic places that it has to offer. India is more vibrant and picturesque than all the views from the cinematic eyes. There are some movies that evoke inspiration and some movies that illustrate uninviting anecdotes that prevent some of us from visiting India. Traveling to India might seem to be intense, but here are our best pick of movies that will up your pulse and will urge you to backpack and leave for India.

The Lunchbox

Here is a movie that weaves that one mistake of the 8 million deliveries done by Mumbai dabbawalas. As many of you know, there are chaiwalas who sell chai (tea), there are dhabawalas who serve local cuisines on the national highways, and then there are dabbawalas who deliver home cooked meals from the wife’s house to her husband in the office in order to serve hot and home-cooked meal for their husbands. Generally, dabbawalas directly translate to “The person who is carrying a box.” It is an intricate detailing of a world amazing delivery system that threads a narrative of a love story The Lunchbox. It is a retreat that enlightens simple joy of life through a mishap or as the dialogue goes from the movie — “sometimes the wrong train will get you to the right station.” Though the metaphor for the mishap in the movie does not signify a large part of the core plot, yet it shows the journey of life.

How does this inspire you to visit India? The central theme of the plot is about lunch. India is lauded for various flavours of mouth-watering cuisines. A small component like cuisine and lunchboxes as a revolving theme becomes an eye-opener for understanding the benefits of mishaps in our life.


Sturla Gunnarsson’s Monsoon is a celebration of annual monsoon season in India. The phenomenon of rainfall in India is volatile, the documentary moves the audience to believe that people withdraw themselves to believe the monsoon is as dangerous as it is valuable. Look at the ripples it can have on people from locals to meteorologists to fishermen to actors to politicians to bureaucrats. All the categorized people here facing this phenomenon, provide plaintive realization on the economic, cultural and spiritual power that nature can hold above the people. This magnificent journey starts from where it makes the first landfall — Kerala (South of India) to where the clouds go to die — Meghalaya (North-east of India). Watch Monsoon to understand the dramatic relationship of people with nature — what people generally call “ the soul of India”.

Life of Pi

Life of Pi is a saga of a man, a beast, and will to survive. The movie is a trope that taps into the journey of spiritual and metaphysical aspects of coexistence of man and animal. On the surface level, the movie is about a young man’s incredible journey at sea with an unlikely companion, a Bengal Tiger named Richard Parker. The movie transcends your belief of journey in nature, through the Pacific Ocean with wild animals. The crafty work of every character in Life of Pi is beautifully entwined with desperation, power, hope, and survival. As the movie suggests “Life of Pi” allegorically bestows the meaning of interpreting endless possibilities. It leaves the audience to unravel the true meaning of what the movie really wants to confer.


Lion is a movie that will tear you up into thousand little pieces. The whole movie sets you up on a roller coaster journey of a swatch of emotions. The movie builds the central plot on the pulse of a boy’s devastating journey of separation from his mother and brother. What pierces the boy’s heart is the identity crisis in his later stages of life. Garth Davis the director of the movie simply puts up a narrative of lives of beggars in India in concern with two cultural and economically set family backgrounds. At the surface, the young boy gets lost on a train and end up far away from his home. As nobody is able to locate his parents, he becomes an orphan. A couple from Australia adopts this boy and eventually, his devastating journey is faded out. Reality strikes his mental state to seek his real family and the movie is about the journey he sets out to find his parents. The movie’s cinematography shatters your heart to see blossoming flower against the backdrop of the world. The colors in the movie signify light that evades through the darkness. The director takes you in the visual retreat of people living in slums, the life of beggars, and the journey that agonizes a boy to find his lost family.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is entertaining, colorful and inspiring. The movie revolves around 6 British retired individuals undertaking a first time to India. Each of 6 individuals have their own reasons to a take the trip to enjoy their retirement life in a calm and happy place. They look up at the hotel — “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” in Jaipur run by a boy. The movie is set up in Jaipur, Udaipur, Goa and other cities. On their arrival at the hotel, they realize there is a comparison to what it looked like otherwise. Their problems start as soon as we see all of them jammed in the bus when they arrive in India, there starts the series of problems. The movie is about the hotel, a young man and his love story, and 6 retired British veterans.

The young man opens the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel for elderly English people to come and retire there. As these 6 veterans set on this journey they are astonished by the cultural shock, and to their amazement they thereafter deeply understand the true meaning of Indian culture. The story may involve old people and their experience but no matter how old you are, the ability to learn about different country’s culture is overwhelming to experience in reality.


If you look for a life-changing, adventurous, and spiritual journey, India should be your next destination. India is rich in culture, heritage, cuisines, and places but there are also some uninviting incidents that you may hear which will prevent you from visiting India. All the aspects apart visiting India has its own benefits and drawbacks as far as every country is concerned. Look through all these films, and as people say traveling like surely ignite your imagination and creativity.