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Ms Gibbs,

It is a shame that you write without informing yourself of so much that has been learned about the Sandusky case in the past five years. Your information seems to be no more current than the media misinformation of 2011.

State Prosecutor Frank Fina stated that he found absolutely nothing wrong with Joe Paterno’s actions, and that he did everything he was supposed to do to report what McQueary told him. The stuff from 1976 is total garbage, and was never stated under oath. The only reason it is “a court record” is a contested matter between PSU and the insurance company that said the accusers are not credible.

This is one of the most complex legal cases of all time. I cannot in a short note describe all of your inaccuracies, but you owe it to yourself, your readers, and yes, to real victims of child abuse, to dig much deeper into the facts before writing from your memory of what you have read in various media sources. (I think I can assume correctly that you have not interviewed anyone who was in any way connected to this case. So, everything you think you know about it is second, third, or fourth hand.)

If you do nothing else, please read this article:

If you are not a skeptic, you should not be in any form of journalism, except maybe telling stories of Martians landing in New Mexico.

If you do not believe that unethical lawyers, psychologists, and tons of money can influence a young man to lie about sex abuse, then you are too naive.

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