Crowdfire — Go Big 🙂 🚀

A few months ago, I came to know about Crowdfire, its working culture and community. I was so excited, positive and happy to see what Crowdfire is doing!

For those who don’t know what Crowdfire is, let me tell you in a few lines:

“Your AI based super smart Marketing Sidekick which helps you grow in minutes. Available on Web, Android and IOS”

I had got a chance to apply to Crowdfire and experience their super supportive and creative work environment, sadly I couldn’t make it (but I still hope for future). During the time of preparation like any other candidate I wanted to know as much as possible about the company and so I came across YouTube videos by its employees talking about the culture and their experience. For this I cannot thank Super enough!

You can find the videos here:

I still remember as I was going through more and more videos, my smile was getting bigger and bigger 😀 😵

Sometimes I feel Crowdfire is my first Love, something very close to my hear💖 💗

After a few months I came across #cfchat, a weekly chat held by Crowdfire on Twitter every Thursday at 9:30 IST. #cfchat is a place where all creative, lovely and super fantastic people come together and talk about different topics, share ideas, connect with each other and become part of the Crowdfire community.

I try to participate as much as I can in the chat and during my time I have learned many things from the community. Most of all is how to be positive and and support each other to grow together. This community made me strong, it helped me smile during my most difficult times, it’s a place where I can just be myself and people love me for who I am. If you haven’t given it a try yet I recommend you to do it once and I guarantee you will love it, too 😎

You can find more about it here:

There is a lot to talk about Crowdfire and the amazing people behind it, this blog won’t be enough for it. 😁 With this I just wanted to make you curious about Crowdfire and let you know that if you haven’t checked it out yet, you are missing out on something really great 😉

I would love to know what you think about it in the comments below. If you find Crowdfire interesting do spread the word by sharing it! 👏 ✨ 💜

Ending this with one of the my favorite Crowdfire GIF (Yes, they do make some interesting GIFs!!!)

Crowdfire: Spreading the love ❤