Using data and machine learning classification modeling to predict the next generation of NBA stars. Can the data tell us something that our eyes can’t?

Sacramento’s De’Aaron Fox is quickly becoming the NBA’s best PG.

In this article I will look at how classification models perform when trying to predict whether a particular NBA player is likely to hit a certain benchmark or not. This is the second entry in my series on using data to predict NBA player performance. In my previous article I looked at how certain players have gone from having slow starts to their NBA careers to being breakout stars. I conducted some basic Exploratory Data…

An examination into the value of NBA players relative to their draft status, their likelihood to succeed, and how to determine the value of an asset.

The Magic gave up on Victor Oladipo when they traded him to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Serge Ibaka. Ibaka had been a pivotal player for the Thunder for seven years but was largely on the decline, whereas Oladipo was theoretically the future for the Magic. Oladipo was selected 2nd overall in the 2013 NBA draft and was a solid player in his first year in the league, posting a 13.6 player efficiency rating, with a 51.4% true shooting percentage and a usage rate of 24.4%. Oladipo was also a monster on defense that season, creating 2.8 …

The lengths we have to go to be understood

Growing up in New England I lived through the Bill Belichik Patriots becoming a cultural phenomenon. From 2001 until today the Patriots keep winning and winning and winning. There have been numerous attempts to capture what is so special about Belichik, and how he continues to have success and what is different about the way he goes about constructing, managing, and leading a football team. Inevitably after every playoff run or Super Bowl title there’s an article that refers back to Belichik’s most famous line: “Do Your Job!”.

“Do your job…..well!”

Patrick Wales-Dinan

Data Scientist with a background in Statistics and Mathematics. Former teacher, current coach to elite athletes and NBA lover. Follow me on Twitter: @pjwd_

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