Blog #2-Advertising

Although this is a pretty typical Prius add playing on one’s need to feel safe, this ad does an awesome job of it. Aside from the high level of creativity involved in the ad, the ad does a great job taking a creative viewpoint and then focusing on the details that they want to highlight.

Most likely, this ad targets the average American that wants to save money. This is because a Prius is not a flashy car but an economical convenient car that will get its driver from point a to point b with ease. The ad also plays on the need to feel safe, as can be seen by the smaller text that says, “Designed to help keep you safe in this unpredictable world”. The focus on the gps also is all about the need to feel safe. This aspect of the ad may be more focused on targeting women who may not be as into driving and knowing how to get to one place to another.

Because this ad is all about the need to feel safe, they did a great job showing this through their use of lighting, placement, and arrangement. From a lighting aspect, their main selling point, the GPS, is the brightest thing on the page. By doing this, it makes the navigation system really pop and it makes your eyes focus on this before anything else. Then, the ad is arranged in an effective fashion because your eyes begin on the main selling point and move through the ad and end up at the text because it is white and stands out from the darker background. Finally, for placement, the picture was shot at an eye level view as if you are in the car and you are looking out the front windshield. I like this feel because it makes you want to jump on the offer and buy the car because of how it makes you envision yourself owning it.

Overall, this advertisement is very effective because of its use of so many different advertising strategies. The need to feel safe may be pretty standard for a hybrid car, but this ad does a good job showing that even if it is a typical ad idea, they can use different features and creativity to make it stand out. Through the use of lighting, placement, arrangement, and to top it off, you are in a pinball machine trying to navigate around all of the obstacles thrown at you, this ad does an awesome job advertising what is usually seen as a boring product.