I am in day three of Andela bootcamp Week 1 where we are about to reach the climax of our project presentations. From day one up to now it has been long road and long learning curve experience.The previous days from my experience I have been able to learn a lot of skills; TDD, Flask, Programming Logic and exhibiting OOP concepts as required by the daily outputs.

Today these have been my main brokers;

Continuous Integration(TravisCI)

Continuous Integration is the practice of merging in small code changes frequently — rather than merging in a large change at the end of a development cycle. The goal is to build healthier software by developing and testing in smaller increments. This is where Travis CI comes in. So today we were supposed to integrate with TravisCI in our projects to show that the tests pass very well and then integrate with coverage reporting show the test coverage in our applications. This has been my main broker for today and it has seriously blocked me from advancing. I have tried to engage with my fellow team colleagues, do more research on the internet to see that I can advance past it. Thought it still seemed to be a dead end for the day.

But I believe with the commitment and motivation, this will be possible and that is how my entire day has been. Thought I have been able to write more tests for the CRUD operations, implement the view endpoints with flask.

The struggle still continues. TIA

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